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    Adventures of 2.0

    Location Barbados Adventures of 2.0 (BaffledBooks) was simply started as a way for me to keep track of what I read and to share my excitement with the world. It's evolved into a place for bookish conversation, cooking and food discussion, and the ocassional social media/teaching/techy post depending on my mood. Apart from the general chatter, we have three review contributors (including me) who review everything from non-fiction to young adult to the oldest science fiction we can find....more

    Adventures of Hollywood Jane

    The chronicle of an early twenty-something's attempts to find an agent for her fantasy-satire young adult novel, get a job writing for the black hole of television, and generally navigate the stagnant ocean of her life. ...more


    This blog features poetry written by the author. ...more

    Aerah and the Irish Triplets

    I am a twenty six year old stay at home mommy to three boys born within two and a half years.  I am a culinary school graduate who worked in the industry a total of 9 months before birthing my first son.  I love to cook, workout, shop and garden in whatever free time I can scrape together.  I write about our crazy life, yummy food, gardening, workout songs that make me move and shopping deals that can't be ignored.  Welcome to our crazy!...more


    I am a professional reporter who loves travel and international authors. I include book reviews on my blog ,affect:acuity every Wednesday. All my past reviews included quotes from the authors as I attended their book readings. I will try to include original quotes and ahort interviews on Wednesdays if I can interview the author post-reading!...more

    After the Alter

    In today’s world it is easy to get caught up in the things that make people sad. It is easy to be down on yourself because of the economy, your job, and your surroundings. ...more

    Age of the Diary

    Location Philippines I write inspirational stories, stories about my awesome Filipino family, the weird kid that I was, my great Filipino culture, feminism, the writing exercises and adventures that I do, my friends PJAM, debate stuff, high school, the art world, techie stuff, and so much more....more

    Aging and Other Inconveniences

    A funny little blog about aging and other of life's inevitable inconveniences....more

    AIDY Reviews...

    Location AIDY Reviews... P. O. Box 813 Metairie, La 70004 United States See map: Google Maps Hey, have you tried movies? AIDY Reviews... features an eclectic mix of movie and TV Show reviews, entertainment news, and much more! Updated daily....more

    Ain HD: Honorable Discourse

    Multi-topic blog of a beautifully struggling writer, poet, journalist and budding novelist. ...more

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