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    Under a Red Roof

    I am a rather curious, mischievous, loving, and generous woman living in wonderful Portland, Oregon.  I write mostly about life (inside and outside of my head), books, cooking and baking, music, and movies, though I've been known to sew, craft, and generally be silly, too....more


    Fact-checking Mad Men, writing about women's history, sharing new music and book finds, and observing social phenomena as first a feminist, second a teacher, and third a comedian.   ...more

    Unified Theory of Nothing Much

    "Sometimes random thoughts on life and entertainment swirl together in my little brain and try to collide into one cohesive idea." Thoughts and reviews on television, movies, books, and the occasional musing on travel and life in general. Featuring regular episode reviews of the TV show House. ...more


    As a transplant from LA to NYC, I am regularly reminded by New Yorkers that there is no place like NYC, where you can get anything delivered or just walk out of your apartment and get great Thai food or go to stores dedicated to buttons or whatever. I'm not convinced, but I'd like to be. This is my exploration of what is unique to NYC....more

    Universal Gibberish

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps A blog about the movies I watch, my learning/writing journey, the dreams I have, and the happenings in my life. I also try to include some inspiration to make people smile....more

    UnNatural History

    The adventures of a writer and native Pennsylvanian transplanted to Silicon Valley. Notes on California (and Back East) landscape, history, and culture; plus discussions of writing, reading, music, God, food, politics, and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time. ...more

    Unreality TV

    Popular blog focussing on Reality TV shows. Updated daily with gossip and news on the reality scene. Loyal readership of all ages. ...more

    Uptown Small Town

    A Paradoxical Bio I’m a paradox. I am part small town girl– raised in a California mountain community of about 10 people where my dad was the volunteer firefighter and I was the resident ballerina/motorcycle rider– and part uptown girl having spent my adult life (thus far) moving across the country to live in cities such as: Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. Apparently I can sit still only if I do it while moving around. ...more


    Urban Equestrian

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps A quest to 'take back the reins' after a long gap of over ten years. Subjects include equilearning, volunteering, riding and horse management....more

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