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    Urban Outcry

    Life is pain, but suffering is optional. The life of Sunshine in Seattle. ...more

    utter randomonium

    My only real requirement is that every single post contains at least one link, but what that translates into is mostly book reviews, plus commentary on assorted internet weirdness and other media. ...more


    Vanity Plates: Creepiness in 8 Characters or Less

    We don't have road-rage, we have plate rage. ...more

    Vegan Sprout

    an adventure in plant-based cooking ...more

    Verbal Intent

    Verbal Intent is the blog of Priscilla Hofmann sharing anecdotes of life as a full-time wife, dog & cat mother. She's got opinions on everything from marriage to religion to politics and shares them all along with her photography. ...more

    Veroniques Verbiage: Wit And Witticism From The Elegant Offspring Of A Famous Frenchman

    Veronique Chevalier is the award-winning, West Hollywood-based cabaret chanteuse comedienne. It has been rumored she may, or may not, be related to a certain other Chevalier of stage and screen. Lacking DNA evidence of any direct lineage, the reader is invited to conjecture, based upon Veronique's talents alone....more


    My greatest hope is that my blog will keep you reading, keep you interested, and keep you up to date with the happenings in my life. Chances are, you'll find that we've got a lot in common. And every now and then, I might write something that you've thought or felt in the past. And then, poof! we'll be blog friends....more

    Victoria E's personal blog

    This is the personal blog of writer, model, environmentalist Victoria E. Her official site can be found @ http://victoria-e.com/ This blog has a wide variety of content, including personal struggles, ...more

    Vintage Children's Books My Kid Loves

    Books from yard sales, library sales, ebay and my childhood bookshelf that my kid loves! ...more

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