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    Veroniques Verbiage: Wit And Witticism From The Elegant Offspring Of A Famous Frenchman

    Veronique Chevalier is the award-winning, West Hollywood-based cabaret chanteuse comedienne. It has been rumored she may, or may not, be related to a certain other Chevalier of stage and screen. Lacking DNA evidence of any direct lineage, the reader is invited to conjecture, based upon Veronique's talents alone....more


    My greatest hope is that my blog will keep you reading, keep you interested, and keep you up to date with the happenings in my life. Chances are, you'll find that we've got a lot in common. And every now and then, I might write something that you've thought or felt in the past. And then, poof! we'll be blog friends....more

    Victoria E's personal blog

    This is the personal blog of writer, model, environmentalist Victoria E. Her official site can be found @ http://victoria-e.com/ This blog has a wide variety of content, including personal struggles, ...more

    Vintage Children's Books My Kid Loves

    Books from yard sales, library sales, ebay and my childhood bookshelf that my kid loves! ...more


    A female Second Life avatar blogging about her exploration of Second Life, posting tutorials, tips and tricks, SL political information, ... ...more
  • Violetlady At Home

    I share thoughts, opinions, memories, life experiences, vintage shopping finds, book reviews....more

    I really love and enjoy your blog. Thank you. :)


    Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress

    What if we thought of poetry as something visible everywhere? Much of what we call poetry IS blogging, a lyric voice meandering through the sounds and images and movements of the world, trying on sensations and seeking interlocutors. Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress aims at expanding some horizons of this oldest of forms. ...more

    Visual Chronicles

    The daily adventures of two sisters~ fearlessly mixing the media of life and art. ...more

    Viva La Voice!

    Want to know about singing, voice therapy, public speaking, finding your authentic voice, the business of songwriting, sound healing, creative inspiration, all things performing-arts related? Get the real scoop from an industry expert who has done it all!...more

    Vive con Salsa

    El espiritu de la Salsa La Salsa es mas que una musica, mas que un baile... es una filosofia de vida. Como dijo muy bien Roberto Roena: "La salsa es un estado de animo. ...more

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