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    A Jill of All Trades

    My personal blog. I also have a mom blog! ...more

    a k8, a cat, a mission

    I'm a feminist, anti-racism grad student. I try to write consistently about social change, especially in academia. However, you'll also find me writing about books, athletics, my life, and my minor ca ...more

    A key to the Armoire

    A Key to the Armoire gives you access to my world; to my vision of fashion and style. Of course, I do not expect everyone to like what I wear; this is, after all, my perspective. However, it may inspire you to think about your own personal style, whether to find it or develop it further. It may also give you ideas of how to combine your own pieces or consider a pairing you never thought you would try. I decided to start this blog in order to chronicle my daily style, and to document how it changes and develops....more

    A Library of My Own

    A blog about books, reading, and life.  I adore taking photos and enjoy traveling as well....more

    A Life Less Ordinary...

    Location The Pacific Northwest Canada See map: Google Maps A Life Less Ordinary is about just that...not being ordinary. What is ordinary, really? Ok, So I just argued my own blog description. I am quirky, sometimes delusional, mostly argumentative, and always right...and I like to blog about it. I use my family, friends, and strangers I enounter as fodder, and for the most part exaggerate it for a good laugh. Well, at least a good laugh for ME. I can't speak for everyone else.  ...more

    A little bit rock n roll

    My blog at blogspot.com ...more

    A Meeshmellow World

    I blog about my daily life, which includes family moments, pet updates, craft projects, and my current interests. ...more

    A Mom's Life with a Boy and His Dogs (and Joe too)!

    The life of a busy working mom, with her jock son, two greyhounds, and a husband who gets in constant trouble. We may drink a little too much, and have way too much fun at times, but hey, life is short! ...more

    A Morose Bookshelf

    Reading and reflection on the 'morose' across genres. ...more

    A Nice Place In The Sun

    A Nice Place In The Sun is a family friendly blog with humorous posts on daily life, memories, and children's picture book reviews. Written by a professional humorist/children's writer, mother, friend, and cat owner- I also encourage reader participation by posting a weekly post entitled, Tuesday Question, intended to entertain readers during the work day when the boss is away or otherwise distracted... (I hope you are not the boss ) Anyway, I thank you for reading this description of A Nice Place In The Sun, and I hope you will stop and visit sometime. ...more

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