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    A Noble Wife

    Hi yall.  I'm a 40-something SAHM trying to maintain my sanity!  ...more

    A Novel Menagerie

    Book Reviews, Entertainment Reviews & More ...more

    A One of a Kind Children's Book Series

    A site for parents to get news on the children's book series Sending You Sammy which has kids reading and eating healthy!...more

    A Peculiar Influence

    Location The rolling hills of Iowa United States See map: Google Maps Already love classic literature? Me too. Do you have a "to read" list of classic novels that you never seem to get around to?  Me too! To remedy that, I'm reading a classic novel each week of 2011, and to keep myself honest, I'm posting an entry for each book I finish.  Each blog entry could include my reaction to or interaction with the book in question. Fear not-I'll give fair warning of any spoilers.  Did I pick a book you've always wanted to read but haven't done so yet?...more

    A Peek At My Bookshelf

    The latest in Christian fiction and non fiction reviews, and fun book memes. ...more


    Location Providence, RI United States See map: Google Maps This blog is for all people of all ages who love fun, pirates, Jimmy Buffett and for some of us, retirement.   At least once a week I will highlight a Jimmy Buffett song that suits the week (in my mind, which is a strange place).  I have information on pirates and pirate organizations locally and around the world.  I'm also writing for all the boomers who are still "young" and having fun and with some of the interests and concerns that we all have.   The ocean and sailing and so many, many other things will be here....more

    A Place to Write Things

    I needed a place in which to dump the contents of my brain - a place without a single theme, a place with a bunch of different topics. I write book reviews, I write about food, I write about my daughter (who has mild cerebral palsy), I write about parenting, I write about coupons and saving money, I write about anything I can think of....more

    A Quidnunc Smorgasbord

    Hi, ya'll! My name is Ann Liu and I started blogging at A Quidnunc Smorgasbord to journal my journey to achieve healthier eating habits. My weird blog title comes from my interest in anything and everything- a quidnunc is a busybody :) - so it's not just about food and exercise, but also includes my interests at the time! ...more

    A Quote Out Of Context

    Music, city living, world affiars, personal anecdotes, photography, and the writing life that happens in between....more
  • A Really Artsy Fartsy Blog

    This is an online sketchbook of artist and creative consultant, Ellen Dygert. ...more

    Some good art, plan to check again to see more.more

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