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    A Work in Progress

    "Adventures in reading, needlework, and other artsy endeavors..." ...more

    A Writers Edge -- writing/editing/ghostwriting

    A writer's journal on English words, writing, and books--with a touch of tech. This blog is part of A Writer's Edge website, the online home of San Diego veteran journalist Georganna Hancock. She's written news and features for major newspapers and magazines, regional publications, and professional journals. Now her focus is on helping the developing generation of writers avoid pitfalls and find success through her editorial services and help on the path to publication. ...more

    A. Russ Original

    My name is Angela and I reside in Tennessee. When I'm not testing the waters online blogging, I enjoy DIY projects around the house, scrapbooking and making cards. I keep busy in the yard and flower beds and am starting a 4x4 garden patch this spring. I enjoy photography and taking odd pictures of ordinary things. I also like to bake and share the goodies with my friends.   My husband and I have 2 kitties that seem think we run the house for their sole benefit!...more

    Abby Has Issues

        Basically, I run mental marathons in yoga pants and document my brilliant insights on my blog. I make you feel normal. The name comes from the fact that I’m a magazine writer and editor who started blogging as a way to write for enjoyment and not just employment....more

    Abi the Troubadour

    Abi the Troubadour chronicals the life of a young creative struggling to live out her dream of, well, honestly, just getting heard.  Offering an intimate look at the independent side of the music industry, Abi shares her strugles and motivations as she works on completing and self releasing her first album.  Added complications arise from a crush on her enginier, a past drunken evening with the cellist laying tracks on some of her songs, and a reformed obsession for a promoter friend.  ...more


    A blog about a whole lotta nothing....more

    Absolut Twilight

    Absolut Twilight is a blog designed to bring Twilight Fans the latest information not only about the films and their actors, but also about the novels. I attempt to find as much "obscure" information as I can about Twilight so that my site can be a bit different from other Twilight blogs that bring you the same information as every other Twilight blog out there (at least, when I can find it!). I aim to update as often as I can, so take a peek -- you never know what you might learn!...more

    According to Me

    Random thoughts, rants, and epiphanies, all of course, according to me - a busy mom and aspiring writer, who loves being inspired, and hates long toenails....more

    according to sandy

    Assorted topics that interest me, Astrology, Books, CDs, DVDs, Life events, Retirement, Life...more

    Acid for Blood

    Personal gaming blog with a critical bent. ...more

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