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    I review everything I read on my blog, Bibliolatry. Because I believe reading is essential to living a good life, I feel books should be revered more than they are. ...more

    Biddle Buzz

    Location Mena, AR United States See map: Google Maps Biddle Buzz captures the realities of life as a family comes face to face with medical problems, combat injuries, and life after combat as they raise three young children. In their journey, they have lived years as an active duty army family and are now beginning the stages of transitioning into a civilian life as Brittney's husband has been medically retired from the army due to his combat injuries.  After a few close calls with Brittney's medical issues, Brittney has now found peace in many things in life....more

    Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again

    Blog-rants of socio-feminist writer/author Amy Guth. ...more

    BigScreenBytes Movie Reviews

    Comedy and drama dvd movie reviews, short screen bytes from a loyal movie fan and actress. The byte sized film reviews cover current and classic movies and cult film classics, actors, script, direction and overall quality of the movie. ...more

    Bikes Are Fun

    Mountain biking and wedding planning.... it all seems to roll into one. ...more

    Billygean: Compulsive Reading

    I'm Billygean. I am a blonde at heart, law student extraordinnaire, a compulsive ballerina and a non-recovering blogger. I have an adorable boyfriend called Mike who shaves his legs and wears a pointy rhino hat. ...more

    Biology in Science Fiction

    Science fiction isn't just about ray guns and black holes - many SF books, television shows and movies are based on the biological sciences. This blog discusses the biology - good and bad-- in science fiction books, movies and television. ...more

    Biology in Science Fiction

    Science fiction isn't just about rocket ships and ray guns. Many science fiction books, movies and TV shows are based on the biological sciences. This blog discusses the biology behind the fiction. ...more

    bipolarlifeblogger's bipolar blog

    A bit of life from someone copeing with bipolar disorder. I am taking my medication. I am sharing my struggles, my ever changing moods, the ups the downs and the in between,  through blogging. Enjoy...more

    Bird in the Tree

    Reports from a life in yoga and music by Bay Area songwriter Deborah Crooks...more

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