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    i love music, maybe even intimidatingly so. here are my daily picks, my concerting adventures, and my passion-infused ramblings. ...more

    Blog Magazine: A Blog About Magazines

    Blog Magazine covers the magazine industry at large, news of brand-new or dying periodicals, hot content and trends in coverage as well as covers. Anything and everything you find here will be related to magazines and magazine culture--the ones you love and the ones you love to hate. ...more

    Blog Number 54

    I think people blog because they must. Many a writer has been quoted as saying, "I write because I have to." It's not about money (there isn't any) nor is it about publicity (most writers reach fame posthumously). It's more so about the innate need to write. As a thirsty man reaches for a glass of water, a writer reaches for a pen. ...more

    Blog the Day Away

    We're four girls who write about our favorite books, TV shows, movies, etc. Consider us your personal water cooler. ...more

    Blog- The New Black

    Blog- The New Black is written by a twenty something girl who just relocated back to Cleveland, OH. Traveling to find herself long before Eat, Pray, Love she has lived on three continents in the last 5 years. Blog- The New Black is a lifestyle blog related to all things travel, fashion, food, and adult beverages. She welcomes you to her very public online diary. BTNB also writes for Cleveland City Living, professionally. This blog is her own, and all opinions are her own and not a reflection of her professional work....more

    blog: author Lori A. May

    Lori is a poet, novelist, and freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications such as The Writer, Tipton Poetry Journal, and anthologies such as Van Gogh's Ear. Her novels include The Profiler and Moving Target. She is a college writing instructor and Editor of The Ambassador Poetry Project. Coffee is her greatest addiction next to the tradition of putting ink on paper. Visit her blog at http://loriamay.blogspot.com and her website at www.loriamay.com. ...more


    Blogfully is all about reviews, giveaways and life as a mom of three (for both Barb & C Rider/ the girls behind the blog). Actually, it was only me (barb) until I began to get overwhelmed with reviews that I just couldn't keep up with. Rather than calling it quits- I called in my dear friend to help. We want, just as any other mom blogger out there, to get big- to become another mom blog that people frequent, not because of the great reviews and giveaways, but because we're funky Texas girls trying to get by!...more


    WHO ARE WE?! ...more

    Blogging Best Dance Crew

    BloggingBestDanceCrew.com covers all the news about MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and hip hop choreography, with original videos, interviews, contests, surveys, and much more! ...more


    BlogLily writes about the things that give pleasure: food, writing, books, pictures, living a happy and decent life, and her devotion to nifty stationery items. She lives in Berkeley and works in San Francisco. She's a reader, a fiction writer, and a lawyer. In her spare time, she hangs out with her three young sons and patient, forgetful husband. ...more

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