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    DC Princess

    "Specializing in life, love & everything in between, her writing doesn't have a theme, except for "Real" because Jordan believes that in this world, if you can't be real with your audience, then you aren't worthy of the words you use." I'm very random, very hyper, and very VERY open. I love to write, laugh and share the funny things in my life to bring a smile on everyone's face....more


    A DC girl reviews movies, local movie venues, and DVDs. ...more


    Right smack in the middle of technology, pop culture and media....more

    Dead Walking

    What can we say, we really like zombies; zombie movies, zombie toys, zombie culture, even clever zombie t-shirts. They are one of the scariest monsters that walk the earth, and one of the most interesting. They have evolved from entranced souls to animalistic, brain eating demons. Zombies are all over today’s media, and are engaging a whole new generation of zombie lovers. If we love them, there must be more people who love them as much, so we decided to share all the crazy zombie things we look up with all of you who love zombies!...more

    Dear Mr. Postman: open letters to everyone

    Dear Mr. Postman is a series of open letters– to politicians, celebrities, institutions, your mother, my mother, inanimate objects, and anything else that needs talking to. It frequently addresses issues of gender and feminism-- why doesn't Nicholas Sparks wants to be known as a romance author, anyway?  Who do those list-making list-makers at ...more

    DeBie Hive

    I write about anything and everything that happens on my journey through life as a woman, wife, and mom of four kids.  I am learning to navigate the world after losing my father recently too.  I speak my mind about the things that I see....good, bad or indifferent....more

    Decksitter - a photo sketchbook

    A photo sketchbook from Santa fe New mexico. ...more

    Deconstructing Jen

    An introspective about life from a working mom and wife with three two kids. Bit's and pieces about teaching middle school, having a son with Wolff Parkinson White Syndrom, marriage and losing a parent early in life. ...more

    Deep Thinker

    The Life Of A Writer ...more

    Definition of Sanity

    Last year, we went on a trip to Antarctica.  I had the brilliant idea to post pictures and details of our trip on a blog so that my mom could follow along.  What I wasn't expecting was people following along and clamoring for more.  So now I write about the strange (but hilarious) things I see around the city, the social life of my dog, and the reasons why my life is like a romance novel.  And the travels are done yet.  Stay tuned for the Notre Dame/Navy game in Ireland, India, the Maldives, and (fingers crossed) the Galapagos Islands. ...more

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