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    Galavantier Travel

    Galavantier provides experience travel packages unique in destination travel. We're always giving you more while spending less! Come and see why we're your new partner in travel. From hotels and restaurants, to nightlife and awesome adventures - we help you explore all the coolest things to do and at a price you just can't beat....more

    Gambits from Gail

    A gambit is a conversation starter—throw something out into the blogosphere and get people to respond, or at least think. My posts are varied, but my four most frequent labels are a telling description of my writing topics: Coastal Cravings: I live on the west coast and am drawn to the ocean. You'll get the local picture of my small, surf-crazy town. Fun: This is something fun I did. Maybe you'll do it too if I share it with you. Ponder Points: These are topics that I'm thinking about and, by God, I want to get these thoughts outta my head and off my chest. Travel: I love it when people share their "Off the Beaten Path" adventures with me, so I'm returning the favor. ...more

    Gaming Angels - She's Geeky Inc

    GamingAngels is part of the She's Geeky Inc Women's media network. The network is a group of blogs that are all about geeky hobbies. The all female staff writes about comics, tech, sci-fi, pop culture, and gaming for women. We encourage women to go into technology as a career through scholarships and highlighting women that work in the industry. We work to encourage women to enjoy our hobbies as well as bring up when something in our geeky world is offensive to women....more

    Gangstas Use Emoticons

    Gangstas Use Emoticons is an urban entertainment website that promotes both prominent and up and coming Rap and R&B musicians.  I also share and critique various aspects of Hip Hop culture.  My main demographics consist of African American, college educated men and women ranging from age 18-34. ...more

    Garden Design Online

    News, design, book and product reviews, events, people, places, "green" news and much more on landscape design and horticulture. ...more

    gardengoatquote A goat's journey over life's mountains and molehills

      A goat's journey over life's mountains and molehills...a humourous look at everyday family life. ...more

    Gay Girl Revolution

    Blog following Robyn Harper, a fun lovin' lesbian with a heart of gold. She deals with real life issues - some gay some not so - in her own entertaining way. She's a hit with the ladies and has a passion for books. Do blondes have more fun? Read her story!...more


    Currently, this blog is not a mommy blog, a baby blog, a pregnancy blog, or even a TTC blog. This is a blog about a pair of geeks who would like to one-up sometime soon, and it's for people out there who enjoy geekdom and geeklets themselves....more


    Geektastic is a look at geek culture from the perspective of a lifelong fangirl and promotes pride in being unique, intelligent, and true to yourself. It is a good mix of film and book reviews, "link love" posts, and personal anecdotes, as well as coverage of local and national events.  I have also collaborated with two geeky moms who each write 1-2 guest posts a month centered on motherhood.  Readers can expect new updates at least 5 days a week!...more

    Gemini's Wisdom

    The inner musings and random thoughts of Young Adult Fiction Author, Celise Downs. ...more

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