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    I am NOT a VOLCANO and other such stories.

    I'm a chaos wrangler, the badguy in all my son's stories, the mean old witch in my daughter's fairy tale games, and "MY mommy" to my youngest. We're just trying to survive, and having a great time doing it....more

    I Am Recessionista

    One-liner on why I decided to start this blog: "My deep love for fashion started since I was 3 when I said the word "dress", people call me a Fashionista but I don't work in fashion, and now I have taken it upon myself to be the Best Frugal Fashionista a.k.a. Recessionista." ...more

    I Am The Unreliable Novelist

    I'm writing a feminist fairy tale spy novel. And you can help. (Please help.)...more

    I haz a blog, yo!

    All things fun in life and entertainment. ...more

    I like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

    Book nerds come in many shapes and sizes. We are quirky and generally not ashamed of our geekiness when it comes to reading books. Here is a blog dedicated to all those library card carrying, Barnes & Noble membership showing, people of America....more

    I Miss You When I Blink

    Created by a longtime freelance writer and editor, "I Miss You When I Blink" could be described as “on deadline, off topic.” (Writing this column serves as a diversion from writing for a living.) Here, ML Philpott procrastinates, warms up the keyboard, and generally gets the jackassery out of her system by writing humor essays before buckling down to work. It's a little like that quirky last-page column in a magazine -- carefully written, but irreverent and fun.   ...more

    I Most Definitely Control the Spice

    http://controllingaspicyuniverse.blogspot.com/2008/04/j-bio-thursday-even-though-its-friday.html ...more

    I Rock I Roll

    24 year old girl living in NYC, writes about music and other assorted stuff, originally from chicago, likes vodka tonics and the rapture. i'm not a music journalist, just a fan, sometimes DJ, and band ...more

    I See Faces

    I See Faces: By the author of Link TextShketches and Link TextBent On Benton, is the first blog Shelli Russell endeavored to never end. This one is an outlet for one of her OCD tendencies, seeing faces in things that shouldn't have one. Once you see the site, you'll start seeing faces too. ...more

    I See What You Meme

    My weekly musings on life, pop culture, politics, religion, and anything else that crosses my path.   ...more

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