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    I'll Flip You, Flip You For Real

    The opinions expressed here are completely ridiculous and in no way reflect anything of value. ...more

    I'm a Sleeper Baker

    I am a wife and Stay At Home Mother of two who left the wilds of NYC for the wilds of Central NY. Before the move, I knew who I was. And I still do, but it comes and goes. I feel like I'm still searching for something, and what that is I honestly don't know. I'm hoping that by putting my thoughts into this blog, I can get myself to where I need to be. ...more

    I'm Booking It

    My book blog-- mostly book reviews, with some discussion of my book clubs and other random book related posts. ...more

    I'm Not Judging - I'm Just Saying

    A snarky look at my world. From funny conversations to the odd things I see and my humorous way of looking at them. ...but yeah...I'm kinda judging... ...more

    I, Asshole


    I'm a twenty-six year old wife, mother, and writer trying to find my place in the world while raising my beautiful little girl the best way I know how, with love. ...more

    Idea Pod

    I'm reading On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins who attempts to explain how the human brain works with his own general theory of brain physiology.  Apparently, scientists are only beginning to understand how our brains work and neuroscience is neck-deep in minute details, but all still lack a unifying theory, a big picture scan of how we actually think and act and are controlled by the surly mass a-top our heads. Hawkins explains brain physiology, with unavoidable complexity (at least for a non-brain scientist) and offers his argument that the human brain works via connecting networks and feedback systems whose complexity and direction determine the function being performed.  He argues intelligence is the ability to predict.  Interesting.  I think I will read certain chapters a second time. ...more

    If By Yes

    Location Vancouver, British Columbia Canada See map: Google Maps If By Yes is a personal blog filled with the musings of a left handed Canadian introvert. It discusses motherhood, living with depression and anxiety, dogs, literature, boobas, the search for an East coast donair on the West coast, and the perils of putting on one's underwear inside-out....more

    If She Cry Out

    If She Cry Out is dedicated to transforming wider society and inspiring our common search for meaning using the insights of survivors of rape, terror attacks and other very serious crimes.  Survivors have ventured to the edge of human experience, to places none of us travel willingly.  They come back with answers to questions that have fascinated and puzzled us for millenia: human nature, hope, life, forgiveness and the very nature of justice.  They come with fresh vision to culture, media, the environment and one-on-one relationships......more

    If You Must Know

    Once I wrote some sarcastic things next to some pictures a guy took with my stolen iPhone. I was then semi-well known for three days afterwards....more

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