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    If Your Parents Divorced, Will You Too?

    Divorce is often passed down from generation to generation.  This blog is for anyone who grew up in a divorced home as well as for divorced parents who want to help their children break the cycle of divorce....more

    Illuminate Everyday

    Illuminate the everyday rather than denigrate it. Writing daily about marriage, motherhood, faith, culture, books and the truths they reveal about life. ...more

    Illusions and Recycled Air

    The 40 something executive in a customised designer suit who zips through check in, while you wait it out behind the four parent, six screaming kids nightmare of a family returning from a ski vacation. The woman who clocks in sixty thousand odd air miles, managing a career, a family and two children....more

    Illustrated Life

    A look at life from an artist's perspective in a rural region of northeast Newfoundland. Sketches, drawings, writing, and photographs to glimpse daily life on a working hobby farm and artist's stud ...more

    Im Not Obsessed! Celebrity Denial

    Celebrity gossip and weekly contests. ...more


    ImNoHumdrum-Mum is about life, not just any life, but my own. My blog covers a wide range, because I have a thought on everything. My readers can find recipes, crafts, household tips, repurposing, inspiration and good laughs. I cover family life, a lot of mom life and I like to focus on the funny side of "things people never tell you." In the parenting world. ImNoHumdrum-Mum is a very open place, where you can unwind in my mental instantly....some would call them quirks. I just call it me....more

    Imperfect Bird

    I’m a young mom with an old soul, trying to figure my way through motherhood and becoming the type of woman I long to be.  I came up with the name of this blog after reading Anne Lamott’s book Imperfect Birds.  In it she quotes Rumi who said: “Each has to enter the nest made by the other imperfect bird”.  I feel that is both the story and the call of my life…and it ain’t easy for an imperfect bird like me! ...more

    Improbable Enjoyments

    A blog where I talk about classical music, pop music, poetry, and accordions. ...more

    In Bed With Books

    Liviania, a college student, blogs about books with a focus on what will appeal to teenagers or those who work with teens. She also interviews authors and hosts guest blogs. She frequently hosts contests as well.  Book related charities are highlighted as is book news Liviania finds interesting.  In Bed With Books has been named a Top 50 Book Blog by BookArmy.com....more

    In Cold Blog

    A True Crime Blog Written by Authors, Advocates & Criminal Justice Professionals ...more

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