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    JenX Music

    Being a mom and a music lover can be tough. You have to balance "cool" music with "child appropriate" music. I get super excited when I find a great band and I hope this blog opens the door to finding and sharing lots of music with each other. ...more

    Jessamyn abada abada

    Digital Librarians blog ...more

    Jessness Required: fitness. fullness. frankness.

    Location Auckland New Zealand Jessness Required is a frank comedic blog which motivates people to be good to themselves through healthy nutritional clean food & fitness: weight-training, yoga, cardio of all sorts: HIIT, plyos, I'm open to try everything! This blog is written in a light-hearted fun way...beware you may laugh when reading....more


    Jewess is a new blog covering issues, events, and other fun stuff of interest to Jewish women of all denominations and affiliations. It’s all the news we see fit to print, from the real world and the blogosphere, and what we think about it. ...more


    As stephie would say, "i'm an island of such great copmplexity... a shady jin, everybody wants one." jinners is my nickname... hopefully in an affectionate sorta way. i work for a not-for-profit music performing rights organization. i am the momager for a couple indie brooklyn bands: knife skills & dirty on purpose. ...more

    Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's Journey To Publication

    Prolific writer of suspense/romance novels, JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN, is now on the journey toward publication of her first fiction book, “Conquer All Obstacles”. ...more

    Jojo Falk Illustration (Sweden)


    JollyBuzz is a great place to find out about the latest TV shows, films, books, music, and more! It's also a place to find out about those hidden jewels that you might not find anywhere else. Stop by and get buzzed!...more


    JOpinionated ...more

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