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    I'm a single city girl who recently moved back to her hometown in Michigan.  Kallaydoscope is my view of my world. It's colorful and intriguing and also, kind of a mess, if not always highly entertaining.  I write about everything from my newly found small town living, coffee, food, my crazy animals and beyond.  I love to write and so, I do.   ...more

    Kat with a K

    I write mostly about books, knitting, and food, with some politics and random other things thrown in. Oh, and, of course, the occasional picture of my cat. ...more

    Kat's Mewsings

    I'm a 26 year old woman living in rural Ontario... I am write to keep myself sane and hopefully offer a little sanity and laughter to the other 20-somethings (and anyone else for that matter) out there who's lives didn't turn out exactly as they imagined upon graduation. I write about my life, my loves (Richard, my family, books, politics, entertainment and style)... I try to keep posts positive and insightful in the hopes that my blog may make someone's day a little easier. ...more

    Kathleen's Folly

    A blog about nothing and everything all at once.... ...more

    Kathryn Yu

    Working on documentary for The Wrens, Formerly: technology writer, start-up refugee, college radio DJ, publicity hound/party planner/concert booker, web designer, software programmer, user interface geek, composer/musician (solo, piano, avant-garde.) Currently: burgeoning amateur photographer, fiction flunky, explorer of urban landscapes, public transit fan, and "indie rocker." I am living the digital lifestyle. ...more

    Katie The Blog Lady

    Musings of comical randomness....more

    Katie's Bookcase

    Katie's Bookcase is a place where I (and a few others) share with you the books we have read and let you know what we think.  We hope you will grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us for some book chat!...more

    KChristieH Blog: An Eclectic Mix of Musings

    I write about whatever strikes my fancy each day. It might be about education, politics or religion, or it could be a comment on a great book, movie or tv show. Or, it might just refer you to a great website that I've found, or a comment on the continuing joys of parenting teens. ...more

    Keen Tea Thyme

    Keen Tea Thyme is a place to be "keen" on tea! The site, run by a former journalist, is full of everything and anything tea-related including (but not limited to): company profiles, CelebriTEAs (interviews with fellow tea bloggers), contests, tea scores & more, tea in the news, recipes, tea in beauty products and so much more....more

    Keep Calm & Carry On

    A blog about fashion, food, and culture. ...more

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