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    La bloga

    "Chicano Literature, Chicano Writers, Chicano Fiction, News, Views, Reviews" ...more

    La Dulce Vida ~The Sweet Life

    Savannah GA, Photographer and Blogger and a bohemian mother of three that is inspired by all the beautiful things in life... Art, photography, films, music, food, fashion,parenting, travel and culture. La Dulce Vida is not responsible for the use or misuse of information presented here. La Dulce Vida....more

    LA Juice- Fresh Squeezed Sass | No Pulp

    LA Juice writes your wrongs on the mean streets of Los Angeles. This blog is all about life in LA from an escaped Detroiter's bemused, humorous often inappropriate perspective. Stories about LA at its most sublimely absurd. Features include, bizarre LA in photos,  Celebrities riding in elevators, Kittens who Haiku, Books that don't suck and Living well in the land of the endless summer....more

    La Moretta

    La Moretta runs the gamut from A (adoption) to V (vegetarianism). The author is in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia, but the blog includes posts on almost everything -- self improvement, running a business, jazz, television, books, animal welfare and microfinance. La Moretta is often a ridiculous do-gooder who tries not to take herself too seriously, but if she does, her regular commenters bring her back to earth (and provide recipe suggestions for the enormous number of sweet potatoes she's received from her local CSA). ...more

    Labontegami--an etegami watercolor blog

    I do etegami-style artwork, using watercolor and sumi ink. Etegami literally means "picture letters," and they are handpainted on a thick, porous washi postcard with gansai, a Japanese watercolor, and sumi ink. Etegami must always include a phrase, quote, or word, and both the words and the image often have a seasonal meaning. As a "signature," etegami artists use a simple stamp (hanko)....more

    Labor of Love

    We are pregnant women, mothers, fathers, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and OB's who love music almost as much as we love children. We strive to find a natural rhythm in childbirth, parenting and family life--preferably, one that has a rich and diverse soundtrack. We share parenting stories and music on this blog. ...more
  • Ladaisi Blog

    Ladaisi (la-daisy): a combination of nicknames. • A blog about life and things. • By: Twenty-something work-from-home mama, artist, and writer who would love to someday open a coffeehouse, travel the world, and publish a book or two. • Things I love: my boys, roadtrips, creative writing, mixed-media art, alternative indie music, literary fiction, coffeehouses, running, glow-in-the-dark stars, rainstorms, anything hippie....more

    I'm new to Blogher and am looking for other women with common interests! I would love to read ...more

    Ladies Making Comics

    Covering the latest and greatest of female comics creators and their works since November 2010. Affiliated with the Women in Comics Wiki....more

    Lady of Perpetual Chaos

    My blog is all about family, friends and the exciting things that happen in my life as a stay at home mom. There are lots of messes and things occassionally catch on fire, but we always have a good time! ...more


    Lady JC's musings on life, pop culture (tv/film), inspiration, green living, photography, food, fashion and crafting/diy....more

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