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    Naked On Rollerskates

    Naked on rollerskates ...more


    I always have something to say about everything! And now that I'm a new mom to a fabulous daughter, new to the SAHM life, in a new city on the other side of the country; you better believe I have something to say about it! I'm always trying new things, and love to share my reviews, love to show my Martha side, share what I'm making for dinner, and over course my first-time-mommy experiences....more

    Nancy Fulda's LiveJournal -- Author, Mother of Autistic Children, and Cancer Survivor

    A Smorgaspord of life events, from dealing with Breast Cancer to raising a son with Asperger's Syndrome, to struggling to get a writing career off the ground.  Oh, and a little bit of artificial intelligence, and layman philosophy thrown into the mix....more

    Nanny Goats In Panties

    Nanny Goats In Panties wants you to read and laugh: two of the most important things in life. This website offers an irreverent and offbeat look at this silly world in which we live. Stories are told through the random and humorous eyes of a midlife blogger who has had just about enough already, and would someone PLEASE pass the butter because I'm starving and my peas are getting cold. ...more

    Natasha May Art World

    Location Slovenia I’m a self taught mixed media artist and I make whimsical pretty faces on layered backgrounds using acrylic paints, colour pencils and tissue paper to name a few. Every painting of mine conveys a certain emotion and has its own message even though I don’t usually write any inspirational words on it. I like to leave that interpretation open for the audience because I believe we look at art not just with our eyes but with our soul and heart as well. We seem to make up our own stories and ascribe our own feelings regarding the subject....more


    Extended site supporting the goddess room.... ...more

    Nearly Civilized

    a 20-something's musings of the world around her, crazy dreams, books read, relationships and wtf moments....more

    Needled: Tattoo Couture

    Needled.com is a daily record of the fine art and culture of tattoos. It is for tattoo collectors and artists who live their lives in the fashion of Oscar Wilde's maxim: "One must be a work of art or wear a work of art." Needled readers have both covered. ...more

    nerdy apple bottom

    Cop's Wife refuses to remain silent......more

    NestAche | Stories of Letting Go, Twenty Years of Therapy and Mid-Life (If I Live To Be 116)

    Location Fayetteville, Arkansas United States See map: Google Maps Since my eighteen year old son left for college this year, I have been dealing with what others have called empty nest. I don’t find it a continuous feeling. It is more like a headache or a stomachache. It comes and goes. It’s NestAche. It’s brought on by a text or a phone call or the lack of a phone call. It comes from not having that kind of energy that only youth can bring into your home. It comes from the den just being too damn clean or finding some dirty sock under the pillows of the sofa....more

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