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    Passive-Aggressive Notes

    passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive) notes from roommates, coworkers, neighbors, mothers, lovers, and total strangers ...more

    Pattie's Pop Culture Paradise

    The minutiae of my everyday life as it revolves around movies, TV, books, music, and pop culture in general. Technical writer by trade, aspiring children's book author, and part-part-part-part-time ac ...more


    This is my personal blog. It features stories about my kids, trips I take, movies and TV I love, and issues I am passionate about. I guarantee you will find something to love here! ...more

    Peach In Place

    Reporting the music, the art and the life of a transplant, all while finding inspiration on the pacific. I am taking a stand in a city of motion....more

    Pechluck's Portland Food Adventures

    Location Portland, OR United States See map: Google Maps Originally from Chicago, IL and now living in Portland, OR as a user experience designer and enjoying deliciousness wherever and whenever I can. This blog chronicles adventures in eating in Portland- dining out and cooking and imbibing with appreciation for local Portland deliciousness. It also includes occasional travel food and travel destination highlights when personal or work travels occur. ...more


    oscillating inspirations ...more
  • Penelope's Oasis

    A site for women, wives, moms or expectant moms ...more

    (There's a form to fill out to change the url but I'll do it for you now.)

    BlogHer ...more


    A blog about creativity, stationery, veganism, pens, paper, and cups of tea. ...more

    People are Idiots

    Comedian Jenée spouts off about...Guess. If you don't know, it's probably about you. ...more

    Perils of Cyber-Dating

    The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online ...more

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