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    Poet Mom

    Hi. My name is January and I invite you to visit my blog, Poet Mom. It is a place for writers and poetry lovers to discuss poetry, and a place for me to talk about balancing my writing with a family and full-time career. ...more

    Poetic Reflections

    This is a blog of poetry and daily random poetic musing, with an occasional bit of prose tossed in. ...more

    Poetry Hut Blog

    Fresh poetry news daily. ...more

    Polichicks Online

    Polichicks Online is the it girl's guide to politics (just enough to get by at a cocktail party). Whether you would wear a red dress or a blue dress with your stilettos, Polichicks Online is the bipartisan political update for you. Check it out to keep up with the 2008 election, the political activities of your favorite celebrities, powerful fashion trends, and the issues of the day. Basically, Polichicks Online is talkin' hair, makeup and politics! It's better than sex (but not better than chocolate). ...more


    Poop on a Hot Tin Slide

    Location Pacific Northwest United States See map: Google Maps This is a blog chronicling what it's like to be a mom with intense germ OCD and various other nasty phobias, while raising two small kids (who like to touch things) in a big filthy scary world....more

    Pop Culture Curmudgeon

    Pop culture news and analysis ...more

    Pop Media News

    All you need in today's pop culture news ...more

    Popping (Motion) Pictures

    Mostly movie reviews....more

    Portia Da Costa

    weblog of the artist also known as Wendy Wootton ...more

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