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  • Reading Rumpus

    Children's Literature & Reading Education written by a reading teacher ...more

    Hello Everyone,


    There's a new children's book series for speech ...more

    Reading Under the Covers

    A blog on reading writing and publishing. ...more

    Reading Vacation

    Location Reading Vacation United States See map: Google Maps Reading Vacation is a young adult book review blog. What makes Reading Vacation extra special is that the reviews are written by tween book lover, Melina. The reviews are fresh and young, with a strong tween voice. Melina started her blog when she was only ten, and has grown from reading mostly middle grade books to mostly young adult books now. In addition to book reviews, Reading Vacation also posts author interviews, author guest posts, and bookish giveaways. There is always something exciting going on with nearly daily posts. Melina’s mother oversees her online activities and presence. ...more

    Reality 101 -- Class is in Session (DawnPapuga,.com)

    Reality 101 is my personal site covering topics that range from Comic Books, Film, and Feminism to MMA commentary, Creative Writing prompts, and Social issues. It’s a place to communicate with like-minded individuals and share opinions (comments are always welcome).  This site was born out of my work in the Social/New Media world, and serves as an outlet for my unquenchable desire to inspire creative thinking and uses of Social Media.  ...more

    Reality Shows - What's Going On?

    At 3 am Seth Binzer left a nightclub as well as all of his other cast mates for what appears to be a drug binge. It's clear that he's upset at the comments made and in light of those who battle drug use, we as viewers can't figure out why a stupid remark could bring down the sole of person and drive them to the edge of what feels like suicide. My opinion is, look at David. He's been on two reality shows (famewhore), AND he's short and unattractive. Look at how he treats his girlfriend, Mary (one of the other cast mates also in Rehab and currently sober). ...more

    Really Not Radio

    Really Not Radio is a first class listening experience to help you discover your new favorite up and coming, independent artists across all genres through artist features and the 24/7 on-demand Really Not Radio shows! www.reallynotradioshow.com Show love, "Like" us on FacebookCome as you are, "Follow" us on TwitterStay in the loop, "Join" us on Google+and live art through music with us on Instagram all @ reallynotradio  ...more

    Really?! Wait! What?

    Looking to force some laughter into someone's life one post at a time....and, failing that, here's hoping that you've wasted enough time with me that you are this |__| much closer to a laugh prodded by someone else. =)...more

    Red Carpet Rollout

    Red Carpet Rollout is your guide to planning, hosting and attending social, charitable/fundraising and corporate events. It’s a place to share best practices so we can all plan and host amazing events! From fundraising tools for charities, to style tips for attending an event, Red Carpet Rollout has it all. Get ready to rollout the red carpet!...more

    Red Cedar

    I am 36, female and living on the edge of the west coast. A writer, union activist, communications worker, and musician - many things bring me strength in these strange times. Writing about anything and everything: books, relationships, cooking, nature and art. ...more

    Red Glitter & Glue

    We are engaged and planning an intimate syrupy sweet destination wedding for next year. We started this blog initially so our folks could keep up with our two-bride nuptials, but it has evolved along the way. Follow along with us in real time as we figure stuff out and gather inspiration. Be privy to our personal conversations and whatever else we can think of......more

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