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    Tabloid Prodigy

    A pop culture portal. GLBT, entertainment, gossip, fun stuff. ...more

    Talent In Borders

    Talent In Borders, developed in coordination with my booking agency, and offers commentary, opinions, and suggestions, in reference to film, acting, music, media, booking, etc. ...more

    Tales from Mid-Air

    As a three year old, I wore red cowboy hats and wrote stories in the margins. As a five year old, I dug for clay under swingsets and jumped from slides with "Wonder Woman" as my battle cry. My dad died when I was six because he drank too much. My Mama's heart broke when I was 26; I couldn't fix it. I've spent my life in Denver, living and loving. I'm a restless spirit who is finally seeing the peace in every day--who finally loves where she is and who she is just because it is what it is. I'm a human being. I make mistakes. ...more

    Tales of a 15th grade (sarcastic, semi-elitist) college student.

    Listening to Blink-182 and EVE6 consumes the majority of my time. Other than that, I watch a lot of CNN, Seinfeld, Spongebob and King of the Hill. ...more

    Tales of a Geeky Woman

    A blog in which I talk about things like books, video games, movies, and pop culture in general. ...more

    Tales of a Real Hollywood Mom

    I'm a mom. I'm an actress. I live in Hollywood. I do not have a nanny, personal trainer, chef, or a seven figure income. (yet!) You won't find me in the tabloids. You WILL find me teaching at my fantastic four year old son's preschool. Performing original sketch comedy at the famed Groundlings Theater. In the pool at the Hollywood YMCA. Eating at my husband's cafe. You may also see me here and there in movies, commercials and TV shows. Being a *real* Hollywood mom can be a schlep and a rat race. It can also make for some great adventures and hilarious moments....more

    Tales of a Socialized Book Nerd

    My blog kind of runs the gamut, hitting everything from life to love to entertainment and literature to current evens and the news. Mostly personal, sometimes emotional, always myself. I'm a single (sigh) and incredidbly busy 20-something that just finished my first bachelor's degree with double majors in English and Religious Studies. Come September 2008 I will push myself through two more years of punishment schooling to come out a victorious journalist (hopefully in radio broadcasting of some kind). ...more

    Talk Less, Say More

    A girl's journey through life via healthy living and music...more

    Talk of the Train's

    Hi! I am Lauren Train. I am a 29 year old female and I am married with a child and a dog. My blog "Talk of the Train's" is just what the title says! I talk about day in and day out life including my husband, my little girl and my sweet puppy. I write about crafts, traveling, photography, Jesus, cooking and much much more! I started blogging as a creative outlet while I was in school finishing my Masters. Since I started my blog {almost 4 years ago} it has turned to so much more and has become a part of our daily lives....more

    Talking Gossip After Dark

    Website for the podcast Talking Gossip After Dark.  The podcast is about the hit show Gossip Girl on The CW! ...more

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