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    We'll Know When We Get There

    Web Dish

    Dishin' the latest tv, entertainment, celebrity news. Talk shows included. ...more

    Webs of Significance

    In writing this blog, I seek to bring out my inner Pollyanna and share with others those elements which make for the sunny side of life. Consequently, this blog's contents tend to comprise topics which I'm passionate about (e.g., Hong Kong movies, travel experiences, museums, books, favorite eats, libations, and Arsenal football club) and/or can see the funny side of (e.g., linguistic foibles and cross-cultural mis-interpretations along with Hello Kitty and her ilk). ...more

    Wee Folk Art

    Wee Folk Art is a mother/daughter team with a mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. With the "wee folks" in mind, most of our crafting is focused on children. We do, however, throw in crafts for the home, self or yummy recipes just to keep it interesting. We both share a belief that less is often better, as long as the less has quality. We hope that is reflected in our crafts....more

    Weekly SciFi TV Roundup

    Not-quite regular blogs about all the scifi (and horror and fantasy) I can cram into my head each week, my opnions, and my takes on them. ...more

    Welcome to Bethville!

    Come for a visit to the community of Bethville, where strange things happen every day. Important breaking news! Frightening celebrity fashion! Zombie attacks! And, of course, romance! ...more

    Well Above Average

    Rants and raves, facts and fiction, amusing musings and random assorted thoughts. Or more accurately--a way for us to procrastinate when we both have much better things to do with our time! ...more

    Well Read Hostess

    The Well Read Hostess is your source for literary, lifestyle, politics, and entertainment commentary. Funny and smart. Most of the time. ...more

    Well-Read Reviews

    A blog dedicated to.... well ... books. :)...more

    Well-Read Wife

    This blog is about books. Duh. And it's also about so much more than that... It's about books. It's about my life. Come check it out....more

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