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    101 Things I Love

    101 Things I Love is about...well, 101 Things I Love. Pretty straight forward. And, I think the things I am passionate about - chances are someone else is, too. I am fortunate to have a family, boyfriend, friends and career that provide daily inspiration....more - Gift Blog

    At we talk about online resources and shopping ideas for gifts. Our experts talk about DIY gift ideas, green gifts, unique gifts, wedding gift etiquette, saving on gifts and much more! ...more

    2 Birds in a Cage

    I'm a new wife who like most women out there are trying to learn how to live in this world and thrive while doing it. Whether it's saving money, being crafty, learning how to be a better cook or just make ourselves better we could all use a little encouragement or advice. So let's share and grow from each other!...more


    Navigating the laid back life on the West Coast ...more
  • 24 Blogazine

    AN ONLINE MAG BLOG that caters to the beautiful, fashionable, healthy and news conscious twenty somethings!...more

    post deletedmore

    24 In My Mind

    Over-40 chick who thinks she's still 24; honest, funny, irreverent.  Encouragement for the girls....more


    24/Savvy is about living the good life for less, no matter what you've got going in your bank account.  We love deals, steals, DIY, MIY, saving money and saving the environment. ...more


    Location New York, NY 10010 156 5th Avenue, PH 1 United States See map: Google Maps 24/SAVVY is about living the smartest, most creative life possible with whatever we’ve got on hand.  It’s about doing fabulously more with what we have—even when it’s a little bit less than what we want. 24/Savvy is a new mindset; it's trading off, not down, it's turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, it's the art of living the good life for less, no matter what we’ve got in our bank account....more

    29 and Holding...

    I am a (just turned) 30 year old wife, and mommy. You might also find me spinning, Catholic school loving, Banana Republic wearing, chocolate eating, ab crunching, IV starting, budget making, laundry hating, SUV driving, and margarita drinking....more

    3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

    I blog about all the wonderful things in my life about 94% of the time and about my "monkey business" about 5% of the time. The other 1% is reserved for any serious life events. I try to keep that percentage small because this blog is meant to be therapeutic for me in that it helps to keep my stress level in check. At the end of the day, I try to post about what was good about the past 24 hours. Sometimes it's tough, but then isn't all forms of therapy? ...more

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