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    All Us All the Time

    The most recent creation of two very imaginative souls...two sisters. Featuring whimsical stationery and enchanting gifts along with recipes, crafts, decorating tips, and other whimsical fancies. ...more

    Alli McGinnis-Beauty From The Inside Out

    After several years of working in the entertainment and cosmetic industries I've realized that making people (especially women) feel good about themselves is what I love most about both fields. Over the past 6 years, between acting jobs, I have traveled to London, Canada, Hawaii and throughout the U.S working as an educator/national makeup artist. One of the most important lessons I have learned through my experiences is that natural beauty shines the most when you feel beautiful from the “INSIDE OUT.” I’ve created this blog to discuss ...more

    Almost Girl

    Almost Girl: Where Plato and Prada Meet. A fashion blog that dares to raise the level of discourse. ...more

    Already Pretty

    Already Pretty provides tips and advice for regular girls on regular budgets who want to look and feel fabulous every single day. Lots of helpful photos illustrate features on making your wardrobe work for you. Already Pretty also touches on accepting your own beauty, highlighting your best features, and other ways to feel more comfortable in your own bod. Stop by and say, "hi!" ...more

    Always In Style

    We all want to look and feel good. To wear clothing that expresses who we are and make us look our personal best. But where do you begin to find what is right for you? Always(In Style)® understands that style is not about following fashion or trends – it’s about what works for you. Make Always(InStyle)® your online destination for the latest beauty and fashion advice – tailored to your individual needs. Members receive: • New York Street Beat a weekly look at the trendsetters that make Gotham the style capital of the world ...more

    amanda lee dot org

    I'm Amanda Lee [don't call me Amanda]. My blog is my daily celebration of the things I love best: style, organization, creativity, happiness. I'm a copy editor, writer, and general freelance hero…if you're looking for someone. I love learning, good design, urban density, public transit, dogs, and Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Someone once told me I was the most unpredictable person he'd ever met, and I enjoy living up to that every day....more

    AmaZe Magazine Blog

    AmaZe is a plus size magazine dedicated to inspiring women to live a well-rounded life. What you will find in every issue are stylish plus size clothing trends, beauty advice and empowering ideas for life, health and home. ...more

    Ambar's Thoughts

    A place where you can find interesting things about fashion as well as how to keep up with your life, work, school, and a relationship while always looking fab! ...more

    Amber Likes Beauty

    Amber Likes Beauty is focused around all things beauty.  Of course that means cosmetic-centric musings, but also inner beauty and health as well and you will find posts regarding such as there is much more to the world of beauty than mere makeup.I like to focus most of this blog on the average, everyday kind of girl, as that's what I am and thus lies my personal experience.  Many of the products you find discussed here will be budget-friendly while a majority of the makeup looks will be suitable for day-to-day life....more


    AmericanAccessory by Alina Handmade & Vintage Jewelry ...more

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