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    I Miss You When I Blink

    Created by a longtime freelance writer and editor, "I Miss You When I Blink" could be described as “on deadline, off topic.” (Writing this column serves as a diversion from writing for a living.) Here, ML Philpott procrastinates, warms up the keyboard, and generally gets the jackassery out of her system by writing humor essays before buckling down to work. It's a little like that quirky last-page column in a magazine -- carefully written, but irreverent and fun.   ...more

    I Wanna Be A Celeb But I Am Too Poor To Afford It

    I am a licensed professional with over 19 years of experience. I got so tired of reading about celebs and their 250 dollar creams, etc, that I decided to make it my mission to find cheaper alternatives to the stuff I read about. I don't get referalls or freebies for posting about items, I simply blog about what interests me. ...more

    I want - I got

    A shopping and fashion blog based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Find out about the next sample sale or browse cool fashions, accessories and gadgets. ...more

    I'm not made of money!

    A blog dedicated to fashion for those of us who don't have huge budgets. ...more

    I'm a mother to 3 kids under 4 and determined to lose the baby weight, the freshman 15 and whatever other weight I've picked up along the way. After my 3rd baby, I was disgusted and horrified to find I fell into the "obese" category! This blog chronicles my activity, menus, products, recipes and personal anecdotes - both the joy and frustration of getting healthy. Please Join me on my journey....more

    Ice Axe and Heels

    An inspirational resource for active women. Stylish activewear for women, technical gear and reviews, sporty trends and more. Bilingual blog: English and Polish language versions....more

    If I Was A Rich Girl

    A (mostly) shopping blog dedicated to anything and everything that I would like to have - if I was a rich girl! Heavy on the retro, kitsch, and fab-u-lous!!! ...more

    This website is for hairdressers...more

    iHeart the Walk of Life...

    Location Florida United States See map: Google Maps Blogging about everyday God, my family, and my home....more

    Impeccable Style

    All things fashion and style....more

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