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    Jacqueline Whitmore's Blog: A few "Whit-Bits" about my life and observations as an etiquette expert

    Inspiration, ideas and information to help you excel in business etiquette, eloquence and elegance.  Author Jacqueline Whitmore is an award-winning public speaker, national spokesperson, and foremost authority in business etiquette.  She is also the founder and president of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, FL.  Share your questions, opinions and ideas here, or by following her on Twitter or Facebook....more

    Jaimes: Motherhood Makes a Woman Out of You

    Jandamom- Musings of a mom

    Musings from a mom who loves to opine, comment and review. Jandamom is a 40 something mom of two- ages 3 and 5- who was late to the motherhood game and is loving it!. Blogging about all things life- motherhood, fashion, beauty and more....more

    Jane Fardon Blog

    Location Sheffield 9 Gilpin Street United Kingdom See map: Google Maps This is my blog where I share beauty tips and case studies. Whilst no two women are the same, all of us want to look good, feel confident and be at ease with ourselves. The ‘look’ we want may depend on our age, life style or simply just how we feel that day! But most importantly the ‘look’ needs to flatter our colouring and our skin tone. We don’t want endless choice; in fact a counter full of options leaves us confused and overwhelmed!...more

    Jax and Jewels

    Jax and Jewels is my blog where I chronicle my way through life as a career woman who is obsessed with DIY projects, baking, running, and laughing my days away with my husband and our two boston terriers. ...more

    Jaybird Designs

    Custom Crochet boutique blog where I talk about crochting and my family. I also feature items from my website, offer free crochet patterns, and have periodic giveaways. ...more

    Jean of all Trades

    Jean of all Trades is a style blog. I post daily outfits, and my thoughts about film, fashion, faminism, and anything else on my mind. I hope you'll check it out....more

    Jennifer's MommyBlog

    A blog about motherhood, fashion, running and general life. ...more

    Jess Finds

    What is Jess (& Marie) Finds? Jess and Marie Finds is about our families and the occasional gems we find online. And by gems we mean items that we lust after. ...more

    Jewel Street Designs

    Shopping handmade fashion and jewelry and just life in general. ...more

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