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    A Happy Life

    A collection of happenings, photos, recipes, and thoughts capturing the life of a happy, optimistic, health-conscious wife and soon-to-be first time mom. ...more

    A Healthful Gluten-Free Life

    Being on a gluten-free diet can be a difficult task, but you can definitely make the best out of it with the use of the right resources. With that said, A Healthful Gluten-Free Life is the ideal site for delectable recipes that are also easy to prepare!...more

    A Healthy Makeover

    A Healthy Makeover was created for two reasons. 1) I wanted to share healthy recipes and 2) I hoped that in the process of creating healthy makeover recipes, I could also get healthy and I have! I've successfully lost 42lbs as of the date of this writing. ...more

    A Healthy Slice of Life

    I'm a healthy living and mommy-to-be blogger that also owns my own nutrition company.  I write about recipes, healthy living, pregnancy and balancing all life throws my way.  I live in North Carolina with my husband of 2 years, our Vizsla pup and a growing belly that is carrying our first child- due Spetember 6th!...more

    A Kenetic Energetic but not Genetic Diabetic

    Recently diagnosed as "Pre-Diabetic" I was determined to control my sugar with diet instead of medications. What I didn't realize was that there is no easy "diet" to follow. You really can't buy a book on "Diets For Diabetes". What you need to do is find out how your body reacts to foods by keeping a daily food diary and testing after each meal. This blog is my diary.....................more
  • A Latte Moment

    Today I'm celebrating my 100th post and to mark this special occasion I would like to honour one special reader with a FREE gift. Here is what the winner will receive....their choice of EITHER, 1. A year-long subscription to Taste of Home Cooking Magazine; ...more

    Pumpkin Rollmore

    A Lazy Girl's Guide to Living Gluten Free

    After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008, I became determined to convert all of my favorite recipes to a gluten free alternative. I discovered that I had a knack for doing this and so “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living Gluten Free” was born. I love altering recipes to be gluten-free, and because I also work full-time, I make recipes that are easy and quick. You will find my gluten-free adventures and the resulting converted recipes here....more

    A life in flux

    In 2009, I woke up from my 70 hour work week life and realized I wanted a change desperately. I was miserable, over weight, exhausted and in a rut. The worst part was my daughter was paying that price right along with me. Lifeinflux is my ongoing journey as I makeover my life and work towards defining and living my ultimate life. My name is Jeri. Please join me on the road towards reclaiming my inner artist, my inner athlete, my inner champion and my own life's head cheerleader while parenting and homeschooling a tween girl. ...more

    A Life Journey Together

    Location Madison, WI United States See map: Google Maps I write about food - what I cook and recipes, I am currently cooking food from all the countries of the world, food we love, restaurants, travels and more recently about my art work....more

    A Life Journey Together

    A blog about travel, food, places, animals.....more

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