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    A Local Choice

    I hope to reconnect you to your food: one destination, one ingredient, and one recipe at a time. Replace one everyday ingredient with something local, sustainably and/or organically grown, and seasonal. Start exploring and make A Local Choice....more

    A Lot of Layers

    I like to imagine myself as this layered person, like an onion, even if the layers are maddening. I enjoy peeling away parts of my ever-changing life plan that are less desirable (or aren't working) to expose parts that are shiny, fresh and new with promise. Sometimes the part I peel away unveils further craziness underneath. But I keep peeling, knowing I'll get to the good stuff eventually. Want to watch?...more

    A Mingling of Tastes

    A Mingling of Tastes is a blog about cooking and dining out in steamy South Florida. Julie, the writer, and her husband and faithful sous-chef, Mike, constantly seek out new tastes and transcendent food experiences. ...more

    A Modern Commonplace Book

    This is a little place for my thoughts, curiosities and favorites!  I love researching new ideas, tips, and tricks to make life better.  Join me as I share with you the best cream soup alternative - and life-changing shampoo!...more

    A Nibble of Nutrition

    This blog is dedicated to all things food: nutrition, recipes, pictures, vegetable and herb gardening, current research, restaurants, canning, tips and tricks and more. I am a registered dietitian who loves being creative with food and trying new things. ...more

    A Noble Wife

    Hi yall.  I'm a 40-something SAHM trying to maintain my sanity!  ...more

    A November Chill

    Blog dedicated to health, fitness, nutrition, allergies, and anything else I feel like ranting about. ...more

    a Palate & a Passport

    Location Karlsruhe Germany See map: Google Maps a Palate & a Passport  gives an insight of life-style photography from an Australian currently  living in Germany. The author documents her  travels through Europe and trips back to the land of Oz, and gives an gastronomical view to some of the finest food regions in all of Germany: the Pfalz wine region, the Black Forest and just across the German border to the French Elsass region.  Julie's passion for photography also includes weddings and portraits plus she enjoys to cook....more

    A Passionate Plate

    Location United States See map: Google Maps My name is Mary Miller. Culinary school graduate, former chef, and lazy cook. After ten years of opening bags and heating things up,  I've decided it's time to get serious about cooking again. This blog is about reviving my cooking skills and rekindling my passion for eating great food. I'm posting recipes from my kitchen and writing about the people who inspire me to eat better!...more

    A Perfect Day For SavannahFish

    Savannahfish follows the life of a twenty something girl living and working in Brooklyn, New York while she attempts to eat healthy, exercise, travel, decorate her apartment, take her dog to the park, enjoy time with her friends, and create a future with her boyfriend. It's a lifestyle blog, but who knew styling your life could be so much work!...more

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