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    This Journey

    I've been blogging since 2004 and reserve the right to do it "wrong."  In December 2011 I quit my corporate job, started my own consulting business in addition to part-time choir director (and non-profit org. board chair) and became a grandmother (via my husband's oldest son). This year, I expect to write about all of that and more. ...more

    This Mama Cooks!

    Recipes and restaurant, cookbook and product reviews from a mama who loves to cook! ...more

    This Northern Life

    City girl living the good life way up north, without a Starbucks in sight. ...more

    This Silly Girl's Life

    I love to talk about my daily life. What I'm cooking, review on the latest book I'm reading or even a post about a new restaurant I liked that my Hubby took me to. Anything that comes about that really interests me....more

    This Single Serving Life

    This blog has not been rated by the FDA and is not run by a health care professional. It is however, a place of honesty, perspective, humor and advice for anyone looking for someone to celebrate and commiserate the challenge that is trying to lose weight and live their best life possible....more

    This Week for Dinner

    Welcome to This Week for Dinner! I'm a mom/graphic designer who doesn't mind cooking but can't ever come up with what to cook. This Week for Dinner(TM) is a place where we can share ideas for weekly menus and other food-related topics. ...more

    This Wife Don't Cook

    This Wife Don't Cook is a blog outlines the thoughts and experiences of a working women and wife. I write about life, marriage, work, and - because I choose not to cook - reviews of restaurants in South Jersey. (Hubby and I have to eat something.)...more

    Thought for Food

    A graphic-designer-turned-food-obsessed mom goes on and on about food. Between bon bons and all. ...more


    "Reality dies with our memories, unless we capture it now with our ink and lenses."Closing Time At The Distortion Factory(Marathon)The purpose of this blog is to collect my thoughts on various subjects. I can't promise consistency as my mind tends to wander, but some frequent topics will certainly include: art, photography, graphic design, food, nature, hiking, biking, and lots of animals. ...more

    Thoughts Along Life's Highway

    I’m a hardworking mom who loves her family more than life itself, sees a lot of things in this world that don’t make sense, and tries to make each day a little brighter for the people she loves. I love to write, love to read, love to create. Whether it’s a good meal, a scrapbook, or something intangible like a story, I’m always creating. I love to watch people… imagine what their life story is and what motivates them as they pass by. ...more

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