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    Baking In A Tornado

    I’m Karen, a struggling-to-remain-sane stay-at-home Mom of teenagers who found, quite by accident a few years ago, that baking relieves stress.  Who knew?  Draw your own conclusions about the amount of stress my kids treat me to, all I’m admitting to publicly is that we have lots of treats around here… new ones daily.  Although I do bake to relieve stress, to relieve stress, and oh yeah, to relieve stress, there are other strategies I’ve been trying as well.  Face it, there’s only so much butter, flour and sugar available.  So I started blogging.  Blogging has ...more

    Baking Pi

    Not so irrational explorations in vegetarianism ...more

    Baking Project

    Baking, cake decorating, sugarcraft, gum paste flowers. ...more

    Baking with Carter

    When I realized that 99 percent of my Facebook posts were about what my son, Carter, and I were baking, the idea for a kids baking blog was born. Baking with Carter chronicles our adventures in the kitchen (and life). Join us as we share our favorite kids baking recipes and tips. First lesson: Everything tastes better with red sprinkles. ...more


    balance is dedicated to help you create, cook and eat good food that's good for you. My favorite topics to cover: * Cooking (or baking) on a budget * Healthy living * Forays into Food Science * Saving the world ...more

    Balance in Bites

    Welcome to my blog! I'm 24 years old and live in the Boston/Cambridge area. After years of a crappy relationship with food, I've finally had enough. This is my journey to enjoy good food in a mindful, healthy manner, while getting the most out of running and exercise and also balancing everything else that life throws at me. Check out Balance in Bites!...more

    Balanced Health and Nutrition

    I’m Rebecca Scritchfield and Balanced Health and Nutrition is my blog. In this digital age, the diet and health information available can be overwhelming - and difficult to make sense of. Despite the amount of information out there, we are not getting any healthier. For many people, including my friends and family, its frustrating. I started this blog for them. It’s a place to discuss the latest food, nutrition and exercise information; to learn strategies for maintaining health or reaching a health goal; and to explore bigger picture ...more

    Balancing Kat

    A busy, working mom finding a happy balance in family, food, and fitness+ in Las Vegas....more

    Balls Out Domestic Club

    There are four of us.  While we live all over the Pacific Northwest (jealous?) with very different lives, all of us are tied together by a few common threads - a genuine desire to be good to our families, our earth, and ourselves. We like to do domestic things and don’t care that domesticity is slightly uncool. We are on a quest to grow our own food, bake our own bread, and raise our own poultry. We like the challenge of learning new things, and getting crazy good at old skills. We like feeling like we can make something that is better and more meaningful than what we can buy. ...more

    Baltimore Restaurant Examiner

    Jessica likes to write about everything restaurant, from finding deals for those who want to watch their money to special events. She will write about the entire restaurant experience -- from food to service to atmosphere. ...more

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