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    Bang-Bang's Quest for Yay, Yum, and Yes

    A Dilettante Learns How to Cook, Travel, and Find Her Va-Va-Va-Voooooom…...more

    Suburbia never tasted so good! ...more

    Baptist Wine Club

    Reviewing and recommending inexpensive wines for the conservative wine drinker. And Baptists. ;-)...more

    Bar Comber

    Location Northern Colorado United States See map: Google Maps We are just a normal couple living in Northern Colorado who love to explore bars, breweries and beverages (plus we believe drinking makes us smarter and more attractive). Turns out there are others out there just like us ! So in order to serve you, we created Bar Comber to share our knowledge of dives, lounges, happy hours, theme bars, breweries, awesome drinks and the few expensive spots that are actually worth the cash, around Northern Colorado. We are not professional writers or even very good at it, but we know drinks and good times....more

    Barbara's Beat

    We promote MOMtreprenuers. We blog about family issues that matter to you. We do reviews and giveaways; and find coupons and resources to save money and make life easier....more

    Barefoot & Crazy

    Location Pacific NW United States See map: Google Maps   I'm young and in love with my husband and our baby boy   I like adventures especially the hard ones that teach and grow me   Life can be boring/difficult if you don't choose to find the joy/wonder...more

    barefoot and frolicking

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps barefoot and frolicking is a space for musing on living, raw foods, and vegan cuisine. At this blog, you will find recipes and discussions about holistic health and nutrition that continue along the beautiful thread of raw and vegan foods, organic cuisine, gluten/dairy/soy free foods, healthy lifestyle, and more....more

    Barefoot by the Sea

    Location Seacoast, New Hampshire United States See map: Google Maps I left my career at a Fortune 500 company to pursue the glamorous world of changing diapers, tantrums and finger painting.  Along the way, we'll do tons of crafts, make some delicious and healthy recipes, share parenting tips, advice and rants, discuss motherhood, discuss my favorite products, promote giveaways, rant, laugh and do everything in between. Come along on my journey, as I raise two young girls here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Barefoot by the Sea!...more

    BaRou is the new Bklyn

    Colleen Kane is a writer who spent nearly seven years in Brooklyn, while working as a writer and editor for BUST and Playgirl magazines and contributed to other publications. In August 2007, she and her fiance moved to Baton Rouge while he attends grad school and she writes her first novel. A Jersey girl by origin, Colleen's mind is frequently blown by Southern culture. She blogs about that a lot, but also about her travels, the challenges of eating vegetarian and healthy in the Deep South, and all sorts of other tomfoolery. She is funny. ...more

    Basic Taste

    Food, wine and everything else blog... come check it out! ...more

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