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    Bee Sweet

    Location A small kitchen with no counter space, but a world of ingredients. United States See map: Google Maps Bee Sweet follows one girl's journey to becoming an amazing home cook like her mother and the women before her. Beyond that, it aspires to instill the significance of from-scratch, home cooked meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, hoping to inspire others (men and women, alike) who may not be so cooking-inclined to realize how easy and fun it can truly be.  Most importantly, though, Bee Sweet is aimed to sow the seed of sweetness! Because everybody, every day, should feel the pure joy that a little bite o...more

    Before, During, and After: My journey to becoming a mom (and other adventures along the way)

    My journey to becoming a mom whether through birth and/or foster and adoption with a little bit of everything else in my life: being vegan, gluten-free, partner of a transgendered man....more

    Behind the Burner

    Behind the Burner reveals tips, tricks and techniques of culinary experts. ...more

    Behind the Pantry Door.....Simple Cooking from the Pantry

    Cooking simple recipes with ingredients from your pantry. ...more

    Behind the Tray

    Contained herein are my observations of people, their habits and the occasional analysis of what their existence contributes to the world. To succeed in the restaurant business, you have to be a keen observer, in addition to having quick reflexes and a sharp mind. Remember that next time you go out to fulfill your primal necessity. Your waiter/waitress is not a robot programmed to serve food and beverages, but a very underpaid human who is always watching from behind the tray....more

    Behold The Metatron

    A blog about food, wine, NYC, and culture and entertainment from around the world!...more

    Being a Bear

    Location Michigan United States See map: Google Maps Being a Bear is a blog about life and food - a little ridiculous, a little delicious.  It focuses on humor, exploration and fulfillment, both in the kitchen and out....more

    Being Alexus

    Food, wine and politics- not necessarily in that order! ...more

    Being Allie

    Location Vancouver Canada See map: Google Maps Being Allie follows Allie, a green-eyed girl, on her quest of finding the perfect balance between living a healthy lifestyle (with a focus on food, recipes, exercise and weight loss), going to school and becoming a teacher and traveling.  ...more

    Being Latina...

    Location Arizona/California United States See map: Google Maps My name is Ces'Ari, pronounced Chezahree. I'm Mexican-American and balance both cultures gracefully! I love my husband and work, therefore I'm no desperate housewife. I'd like to think that I channel Winston Churchill and Maya Angelou. My blog is about what life is like as a stylish educated Latina with a background in politics and secondary education. ...more

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