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    Daily Ups and Pounds

    Who’s the blogger? I’m a 29 year old, married, mom of three kids four and under who’s trying to get back in shape after gaining 60lbs (oops! – that’s about 35 more than recommended, btw) with each pregnancy. Outside of the blogosphere, I’m a business writer who dabbles in freelance photography....more


    I love cookbooks. I bake and cook almost everyday. I like good foods. I want to share the information about the cookbooks(about 300+items in 3language Thai, English and Japanese) and the recipes with the people who have the same passion. ...more

    DairyFree Omnivore

    The DairyFreeOmnivore is a food blog written by a Mom of 3 little girls.  The  main purpose of the blog is to share everyday recipes that are made dairy free for those that are either allergic, dairy, lactose intolerant, or those who are eliminating dairy from their diet for other reasons.  I try to have something for everyone: vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, meat lovers, children, busy moms, fancier meals.  Nothing is too hard to make at home, and none of my recipes will break the bank....more

    Dakota Thyme - Adventures from a Prairie Kitchen

     Welcome to Dakota Thyme. My name is Julie. I live on the edge of the prairie in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. My great great grandparents homesteaded in Dakota Territory in the 1880s, just a hundred miles from the home of Laura Ingalls – a ten day covered wagon ride in those days.  Like many, education and careers called my family to other places....more


    This is my online space for sharing many food inspirations and other creative inspirations as well (sometimes even the kids' inspirations) support every person who believes in "Healthfully Decadent" living, like I do. ...more

    Dallas Duo Bakes

    Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm the "uno" in Dallas Duo.  My mom is my "duo" because she is my inspiration and influencer in baking.  Born and raised in Dallas, I grew up eating a home-cooked meal by my mom every weeknight.  College is where I discovered my passion for cooking as I hosted weekly dinner parties for my freshmen friends who lived in the dorm and had to eat the dreaded "cafeteria food".  Since graduating and getting married, I now enjoy cooking every weeknight for my husband, just like my mom did for me....more


    A blog about us, our lives together, our lives apart, and what we love......more

    Dandelion Paperweight

    Sometimes heavy, sometimes light, ramblings from a twenty-something....more


    A collection of photography, food writing and other tasty bits of inspiration. ...more

    Danger Kitten Bakes: Baking and a Few of My Other Favorite Things

    Saturday, November 14, 2009...more

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