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    Dos Gildas--A Cookbook in the Making and Other Culinary Musings

    We, Gilda V. Carbonaro and Gilda Claudine Karasik, are writing a cookbook and documenting each step from inception to publication on our blog.  Our vision:  to write a book of recipes that inspires families and friends to cook and eat together as often as possible, and that celebrates a love of Mexican culture and cuisine.   Along the way, we will share our families' stories, put new twists on old traditions, and try to change the world one bite at a time....more

    dot and cheetah eat

    'Cuz a girl's gotta eat....more

    Dough Master

    At the Dough Master we strive to show others that creating your own healthy breads at home can be delicious and easy....more

    Down Home Gourmet

    This blog is all about fresh, from scratch and budget-friendly....more

    Down to Earth

    We created Down to Earth to help separate fact from fiction about food production. We are farmers, ranchers, chefs, and just plain old good eaters. We are also moms. We know, firsthand, what you should be concerned about or heartened by. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for information about what’s best to feed your family, or if you aren’t sure whether to believe all the hype about something you’ve read. We want to help you get it straight. ...more

    Downton Abbey Cooks

    Location Toronto, Ontario Canada See map: Google Maps A Downton Abbey fan, I have fun blogging about the great food of the era. New recipes weekly, Tea Tuesdays, Downton show updates. Great food has a history....more

    Dragonwine Fly

    Musings on wine, food and Life's delights and woes...more

    Dreaming Ingredients

    Location Tampa, FL United States See map: Google Maps A Memphis girl Tasting Tampa. I have an insatiable need to share my food journeys, whether in my kitchen, the kitchen of a local hole-in-the-wall, or that of the hottest new restaurant. I am passionate about the environmental issues related to food, and advocate for the use of local, organic, and sustainably-grown/raised products. I hope you enjoy vicariously visiting restaurants, and exploring Tampa through the eyes of a newbie! I can't wait to hear your opinions, take your suggestions, and share my inspirations....more
  • Drew's Autism Recovery Diary

    Our documented journey of recovering our son from autism. I am an advocate for natural healing, Paleo enthusiast, and a green living Momma. We have recovered our son from autism using various natural healing methods and therapies. I want to help others recover and heal their children by sharing our journey with a twist of humor and real life drama. We certainly did not see this story unfolding when we were young, debt free, and regular fast food eating addicts....more
    Love your post and would love to read more. How can I do that?more

    dried on milk

    Following my crazy life of keeping a family, business, career and life together and trying to be cool all at the same time!...more

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