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    Eat, Drink and Save Money

    Eat, Drink and Save Money is a money saving diary of how my husband and I are paying off our student loans while saving for retirement, eating well and living a comfortable lifestyle.  I offer tips on saving money as well as document how I have saved money on decorations, groceries, entertainment and more.  I hope to inspire others to live below their means so they can enjoy a debt free lifestyle in the future.  This can be done while living comfortably and buying the things you want as long as you manage your money correctly....more


    Eaterspot - its all about food

    Eaterspot was born on a weeknight when my husband and I were talking about what to eat for dinner. We were just married, and I had relocated from the US to live here in NZ. Though I work full time, I enjoy cooking after I get home from work each day. I have always been known for having an overly full schedule, so when my husband noticed that I was not repeating a dish each night, he suggested I start a food blog....more


    This blog features a compendium of whole-foods based recipes from practically every major ethnic cuisine! ...more

    Eatin' On The Cheap

    A blog about eating well without spending a whole lot of money...more


    Writing about (my) eating habits, practices and possibilities in Calgary, Alberta. I enjoy cooking (though not on a daily base) and I like to prepare healthy, affordable meals for my family. This may - or may not - be a hurdle in Calgary, Alberta. ...more

    Eating From the Ground Up

    cooking, parenting, making a general mess in the kitchen ...more

    Eating Good Stuff

    Like yummy, healthy food?  Are you a foodie?  Check out this informative blog that explores healthy food, clean eating, and all things food-related. ...more

    Eating Good Stuff: a foodie resource blog for people craving healthy food, weekly recommendations, and fabulous food photography

    Look for Meatless Monday ideas, Try it Out Tuesday, and Thursday posts about all things food-related....more

    Eating On A Dime

    Learn how to eat fabulous food on a budget. Carrie shares her tips and tricks to feeding her family of 6 healthy, nutricious meals without breaking the bank. From recipes to frugal kitchen tips, she will help you feed your family meals that won't break the bank.  Try out her frugal, fast, and fabulous recipes!...more

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