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    Edible Potential

    My name is Sandi. I am a registered dietitian who lives in North Texas, so pardon the accent. I spend my days taking care of my little family and helping people see that good nutrition makes all things new again....more

    edible ventures

    Join me as I teach myself to become a great cook.  Armed with way too many cookbooks and a lot of food network watching, I'll share recipes and photos of my journeys into culinary ability! ...more

    ediblecville...what is there to eat anyway?

    ...moved here from Pittsburgh hungry! As I experience Cville cuisine, so shall you. I tend to be tough, but also promise to give credit where it's due. Not a food expert, just someone who loves to cook, eat, and write about both. ...more


    Crafty, Jewish, nerdy, fat, mommy. Got a problem with that?...more

    eep cooks

    eep cooks is cooking and recipe site where I share my adventures in the kitchen. It features original recipes, recipes I’ve tried, cooking tips, cool food pics, and awesome kitchen tools....more

    Effortless Eating for Healthier Bodies

    Written by a naturopath (ND) and award-winning cookbook author, Effortless Eating for Healthier Bodies focuses on healthy eating and natural living. Topics include recipes, food sensitivities, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and clean foods. As a mom living with MS, special attention is given to children's health and multiple sclerosis diets....more


    Eggless Cooking Recipes

    This blog site share excellent eggless recipes specializing in eggless baking with indian style cooking and many indian vegetarian recipes and much more. A new eggless recipe is added almost every other day. ...more


    Location Alabama United States See map: Google Maps Eggton is a humorous cooking blog. The posts are full stories about love and life (with a bulldog named "Thunder" thrown in), that lead into a recipe every time.  The stories are often about what happens when you quit a fancy corporate job in Manhattan and move to Alabama without a plan.  (Yikes!)...more

    Eighty Twenty

    Eighty Twenty is a blog dedicated to providing you with 80% healthy recipes and 20% not-so-healthy but fantastic and delicious recipes.  Life is all about balance, and healthful eating should be as well.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 80/20 way of eating can allow you to live without deprivation. This blog will also provide you with nutrition and exercise tips to help you achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible!...more

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