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    Family's Kitchen

    Location Portugal A way to remember my grandmother and of showing my passion for food and photography...more

    Family, Friends and Food

    This blog is part journal of my cooking and recipes that have worked and some that have not. It is also my way of expanding my cooking so that I can begin creating my own recipes. ...more

    Family. Friendly. Food.

    Cooking at home, Food & Kids, and living in Microsoft-land. ...more

    FamilyStyle Food

    Home cooking above the ordinary. ...more


    Two best friends blog about their favorite things, fashion and food! Follow their adventures around LA, and always remember to eat well and dress fancy!...more

    Fantastical Sharing of Recipes

    Fantastical Sharing is all about passing along great recipes. My family rarely eats out and I try my hardest to refrain from "out of box" meals. You may not find the healthiest food here, but I share what I eat and what I like. My purpose of starting the blog was to share recipes with friends and family, but I think I have transitioned into also sharing other blogs and their recipes (whether I've made them yet or not) too. A lot of the blogworld is consumed with competition and making their blog the most popular, I want to have that community feel. I love to share!...more

    Far From Perfect Robbin

    If you are just stumbling across this blog it will be filled with what I'm reading, what I'm cooking, what music I've come across, what I'm doing, what I'm not doing, what I'm b*tching about, crafts projects I'm doing, photos I've taken, photos I've found and love, fashion I like or great finds I've found, magazine article I love, celebrity gossiping, family gossiping, my gratefulness for life, love laughter and l-i-v-i-n, and all the changes I go through along the way....more

    Fare to Remember

    Eat, drink, come back for seconds! My world through food goggles, coming to you from Napa Valley, California. ...more


    A serious home baker's blog about baking artisan breads and meeting with professional (and other) bread bakers....more

    Farm Belles Bitty

    Farm Belles is dedicated to all the women in my life - past, present and future. To grandmothers who broke new ground in order to give us roots. To sisters who shared growing pains and distractions along the road of life. To daughters, the vision of our future. I blame you all! For the great food, encouraging words, hilarious anecdotes, silly little life lessons, and the craving to create new things. My obsession with crafting starts with my mother, who ALWAYS made our Halloween costumes....more

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