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    Healthy Kiddo Snacks

    A website that offers recipes, tips and information about healthy, natural foods for kids.  Kids have tiny tummies need lots of steady filling, and snacking is a great way to get them started on a healthy path and an easy way to make sure that their diets cover all the food groups.  I have a background in obesity research and believe that heavily sweetened, salted and processed foods are a big part of the obesity epidemic.  Starting small can eventually lead to big changes, and snacking is a great place to start.  Happy snacking!...more

    Healthy Life Happy Wife

    Location Brooklyn, NY United States See map: Google Maps I am a wife, runner, cook, football fanatic, celebrity gossip addict, vegetarian, scotch drinker and puppy lover. I just ran my second half marathon & am training for a relay in October. I try to follow a healthy lifestyle with the occasional glass of scotch on the couch with my US Weekly cuddled up with my puppy....more
  • Healthy Life Ideas

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps My personal blog of health ideas, recipes I make, fitness, exercise tips and anything else I feel would be helpful or "feel good" in life....more

    Looking forward meeting other bloggersmore

    Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby

    A blog written by a new mom dedicated to providing healthy and tasty recipes for mommy and baby, as well as advice and information on other health-related topics, such as vegetarianism, eating organic and serving your child....more
  • Healthy Morsel

     A Mom attempting to get her family to eat healthier shares the recipes they like. ...more

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    Healthy Rainbow

    Healthy Rainbow Food Everyday. ...more

    Healthy Shmelthy

        My relationship with food and exercise has not always been in balance and now I'm on the mission of a lifetime--to understand why and how I've gotten here.    I was always an active and able participant in physical activities, but have not had the bestconcept of healthy eating. Once life happened and the physical activity stopped I couldn't for the lifeof me understand why my body was swelling so rapidly. Ever since it's been a constant cycle of up and down--like so many on board the dieting yo-yo express....more

    Healthy Tasty Cheap

    Healthy Tasty Cheap is the culinary adventure of two cousins, Gillian and Ayah Young. Based respectively in Toronto, Ontario, and the California Bay Area, we explore healthy ingredients and tasty recipes that nourish the body and won't break the bank....more


    Two triathletes who love to cook...and eat....more

    Heart and Hairspray

    I ponder Quantum Physics while trying on shoes at Macy's. ...more

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