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    I'm a Sleeper Baker

    I am a wife and Stay At Home Mother of two who left the wilds of NYC for the wilds of Central NY. Before the move, I knew who I was. And I still do, but it comes and goes. I feel like I'm still searching for something, and what that is I honestly don't know. I'm hoping that by putting my thoughts into this blog, I can get myself to where I need to be. ...more

    I'm Mad and I Eat

    I've Got A Little Space To Fill

    A peek into the life of Mama, Papa and Baby Bear. Includes recipes, frugal tips, being green tips, personal finance and our debt repayment plan as well as money saving tips. ...more Healthy Diet Food Reviews

    Link provides reviews of healthy 'diet' foods i.e. food products that are fat-free, low carb, reduced sugar, reduced calorie, and everything else mar ...more

    Ice Cream & Treadmills

    A 20-somethings ramblings about cooking and eating delicious food, nutrition, fitness, and all-things wellness. Don't be surprised if I throw in other blurps about life and love and the joys of that transition into adulthood....more

    Ice Cream Before Dinner: A Life Philosophy and a Blog

    Beautiful photos and tons of recipes of the delicious desserts I make on a regular basis. ...more

    Iceberg to Arugula

    One Womans valiant search for a REAL food diet! ...more

    Ideas in Food

    Improvisation and experimentation in the kitchen, dining room and beyond. ...more

    Idiot Mom

    What is an Idiot Mom? Have you ever been on the phone talking to customer service and the person on the other end says, “hold on, let me connect you with someone who can help.” Then you hear them say, “I’ve got an ID ten T on line 4.” That’s an Idiot Mom aka ID10T Mom. ...more

    ifs ands & butts

    Location Austin, TX United States See map: Google Maps I like traveling. and cooking. and technology. and taking pictures. So does my blog....more

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