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    Chronicle of growing local food on a small Iowa family farm  established over thirty years ago. Today, a 500-tree semi-dwarf apple orchard, blueberry, and asparagus crops produce perennially....more


    Working Mom of 4 packing healthy lunches for us all!...more

    Iron Stef

    My food blog, of course. I mostly document things I've cooked at home. I try to give myself fun projects such as meatloaf cupcakes and pink gnocci to keep life (and the blog) interesting. I venture out sometimes, too. ...more

    Is My Cape Fluttering?

    Generally, I write about my life, whether it's the toll asthma takes or really great food or raising my kids or my goofy chihuahuas or the effect disability has on families and employment. Overall, I work hard to keep it positive and fun, because hey... it's just a chronic disease. If I could, I'd laugh about it everyday! ...more


     TRAVEL & ROAD & FOOD BANTERS with two kids in tow and dipped in travel humour... these are our travel and food journeys inspired by people, places and moments. Traveling, Photography & Food are 'serious' issues in my life - hence the inception of this blog!  ...more

    Island Dreaming in Oklahoma

    This blog is about the life I lead as an Islandgirl who has learned to embrace life in Oklahoma. I post recipes from my Island Home (Guam) and also recipes for the food I have come to love from my various travels and from my adopted home state....more

    island wench

    After some years spent living in Switzerland, I returned to the Seychelles in 2006. This blog is about the joys and tribulations of my life on a tropical island, specifically about living in the Seychelles. I'm a Jill of all trades, so I also showcase my various activities from tour guiding to crafting and any other joyful pursuits I do or might think up in the future....more

    It Comes in Pints!

    A celebration of the simple things ~ Food and Drink I love food! I read cookbooks like they were novels. I get giddy in a farmer’s market. I find a chicken in a pot surrounded by carrots, onion, and celery a thing of beauty. My favorite sound is Mmmmmmmm! Hahaha What’s a woman to do with all this passion? Start a food blog! Enjoy!...more

    It Just Dawned on Me

    Musings of a Christian, Wife, Mom, Reader. ...more

    It Takes a Vegan: How a mom learns to cook vegan for teenagers

    So the reason it takes a vegan/village is the name for this blog is that I am hoping that the community out there will help me and my family of vegans and non-vegans find a healthy and happy medium. I am lucky to have a supportive family, my sister coining the phrase, “extreme eater,” making me feel like I can climb any mountain....more

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