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    Jessness Required: fitness. fullness. frankness.

    Location Auckland New Zealand Jessness Required is a frank comedic blog which motivates people to be good to themselves through healthy nutritional clean food & fitness: weight-training, yoga, cardio of all sorts: HIIT, plyos, I'm open to try everything! This blog is written in a light-hearted fun way...beware you may laugh when reading....more

    Jewels from the Roving Stove

    Pearls of wisdom from a glamorously hungry soul...on life, friends, and all things culinary...more


    Jewess is a new blog covering issues, events, and other fun stuff of interest to Jewish women of all denominations and affiliations. It’s all the news we see fit to print, from the real world and the blogosphere, and what we think about it. ...more

    Jill's Junction

    We are a website dedicated to women in agriculture. We are here to share your stories and share information about the things you love, on and off the farm....more

    Jillicious Discoveries

    Jillicious Desserts began as an idea for a business in one of the classes I had while in culinary school. After finishing school and working in the industry, I decided it was time to turn my idea into a reality; and I started Jillicious Desserts almost two years ago. During this time I've learned, and continue to learn, from my experiences as a pastry chef and business owner. Jillicious Discoveries was created to share the insights, tips and experiences that I've discovered in my own journey; and perhaps they will help you in yours. ...more

    Jittery Cook

    Location Montreal Canada See map: Google Maps Jittery Cook Jittery Cook began September 10th, 2011 as a means of remembering recipes that turn out well.  The other purpose in blogging, was to provide recipes for far flung children, nieces and nephews who are missing out on family meals as they've moved far from home.   The Jittery Cook really is jittery, lacking in confidence, even though she's a bonafide foodie with a lifetime of intimate food experience....more


    Tradition trapped in a western nation ...more

    JL goes Vegan: Food & Fitness with a side of Kale

    Post-40 I became a marathoner and triathlete, changed careers and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan.  I am proof that you are never too old to change!   Now obsessive about vegan cooking (and red wine!) I write about my food and wine adventures....more

    Joanna's Food

    Delicious, quick, easy heart-healthy food, low in cholesterol, high in taste ...more


    One Girl’s Attempt at Cooking, Dating and Dieting in New York ...more

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