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    JoCooks - Amazing Recipes and Meal Ideas

    Location Calgary, AB Canada See map: Google Maps I enjoy cooking and baking. As a kid, I was always in the kitchen with my mother helping her out. That’s where I learned how to make most romanian dishes that I have posted on my blog. I don’t have a career in the food industry, as a matter of fact I’m a software developer, far from cooking and baking. I just enjoy being in the kitchen and trying to cook new recipes that I try out on my poor husband, who is quite a picky eater but has no choice but to try my food....more


    Location Minnesota United States See map: Google Maps WOMANHOOD, WIFEHOOD, MOMMYHOOD…...more

    Jollie Bakers

    We are Jessica and Mollie, and we have decided to post our baking projects and ideas in a blog for all to see... good and bad... fun and, well, not-so-fun! Follow along on our journey to develop our dream to become bakers. We will show you what has worked for us, and more importantly, what hasn't in the time that we have been trying our hand at baking.  If you'd like us to burn down our kitchens trying something new before you take a run at it, let us know and we'll tell you how it goes......more

    Jolly Vindaloo

    I am passionate about cooking, trying new recipes and creating new ones by playing with spices every now and then.  My mother was a fantastic cook and her passion eventually rubbed off on me.  To capture and share my culinary interest I started blogging not too long ago.  So stop by my blog for east to cook vegetarian recipes....more

    Jorlylin's Blog

    On my blog, I talk about my life as a stay-at-home mom, and all of the crazy things that comes with that....more

    Journey of a Virtuous Woman Wannabe

    I'm a wannabe in every sense of the word. I wanna be good enough to make it to heaven, but Jesus died because I will never be. I wanna be a mom of ten living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, training my girls to honor God & their husbands, by being content, happy homemakers...yet God has seen fit to bless us with the opportunity to help rear for Him two boys (22 and 12), in the middle of suburbia ;) I wanna be a helpmate to my husband in every way possible, yet more often than not, I'm in his way, lol. I wanna be the perfect parent, that ...more

    Journey to Fit and Fabulous

    Location Tampa, Fl United States See map: Google Maps Journey to Fit and Fabulous is a  full time mom, student, paper pusher's journey to get fit and keeping her family healthy. Getting healthy the right way through eating cleaner, and staying active, and staying motivated. This blog provides recipes, fitness tips, and motivation. ...more

    Journey To London

    A blog about my single life in Toronto, social work, and my struggle to move to England....more

    Jovina Cooks Italian

    Now that I am retired from the teaching profession, I have the time to write a blog and share my information about Italian cooking. Through the years, many people have asked me how to prepare certain dishes and because I am a teacher by trade, I feel that I have the skills to share with the readers, the techniques for preparing authentic and healthy meals for their familes. The recipes are simple. everyday meals that can be prepared easily.  Italian cooking does not have to be expensive or fattening....more

    Joy Of Desserts

    Welcome everyone! I love desserts. I admit it, I have a sweet tooth and ever since I was a child in Paris, desserts (and appetizers) have been my favorite part of every meal. I've collected so many recipes from friends and family, and created so many of my own, that I've decided to share with all of you. And I hope you'll share with me as well. If you're like me, you also enjoy just reading the recipes, so get yourself a cup of tea, coffee, lemonade or drink of choice, sit back, relax and ENJOY! It's all for YOU and it's going to be FUN. ...more

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