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    Just Another Blogger Mom...

    My name is Nichole, I am a SAHM. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys. I enjoy doing arts and crafts and kid friendly activities, at "Just Another Blogger Mom..." I like to share my kid friendly crafts, reviews on products that I have found make my life easier... and anything else that comes to mind!  Hope you enjoy!...more

    Just Another Day in Paradise

    I am just a girl. A girl that loves a boy. A girl married to that boy....more

    Just Be - A Coherent List of Motherly Ramblings

    In My Ideal World (Because you were just dying to know) 1)It would only snow on the weekends....and it would snow lots and we would bundle up and go outside and drink hot chocolate and eat homemade mac'n'cheese.  But it definitely would NOT snow during the week. 2)I would always have willpower...especially around the treats (i.e. swedish fish...those suckers talk to me... ...more

    Just Because...

    Random thoughts, musing and anecdotes from Just Anotha Gal in Altamonte Springs, FL... ...more

    Just Hungry

    "Why do you write about hunger, and not about wars or love?" Food musings, recipes and such mostly focusing on Japanese food and living in Switzerland. ...more

    Just Kidding Around Atlanta

    Southern Mommy of two shares reviews of family friendly places around the southeast, as well as couponing info, crafty stuff, recipes, book recommendations and more!  I'd love to have you join me on this daily journey  ~ there's always an adventure of some sort going on here!...more

    Just Like Grandma's


    Just Making Noise: Sound Bites From a Deaf Mama

    This deaf mama is a missionary in Central America (Read more about her). She focuses on traditional food (WAPF-style), such as lacto-fermentation, cultured dairy, sourdough and more! Her speciality is healthy desserts and ice cream. You will see a lot of recipes calling for coconut flour in her baked goods....more

    Just One Cookbook

    About Just One CookbookHello and welcome to Just One Cookbook! This is our family cookbook and most of the recipes you will find in this website are Japanese recipes.Back in 2007, I was going through recipes one afternoon from different cookbooks, clippings from magazines, and my scribbled notes to figure out what to cook for dinner that day. Looking at my collection of unorganized recipes, I realized I should figure out a way to file and store them all. I started on the project by typing up my recipes in Japanese, then in 2010 I started to translate them into English....more

    Just One Donna!

    A wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter and former corporate executive living life by the shore, sharing the best of food, home and family....more

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