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    Love, Sweat, and Beers

    I write about my attempt at a healthy lifestyle, which naturally includes some of my activities, eats, and splurges.  I have recipes and workouts, but due to my passion for great beer, I also have a few good brew reviews.  Life's as fun as you make it!...more

    Loving Food, Fashion, & Life

    I am just a girl who loves to eat, cook, shop, dress up, and live the life that was graciously bestowed upon me. “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time.  Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”—M. Scott Peck ...more

    Low Carb Layla

    Low Carb Recipes for the Low Carb Lifestyle...more

    Low Cholesterol Cafe

    Great recipes that are healthy, low cholesterol and a great way to lose weight, almost by accident!...more

    Low Glycemic Cooking Blog

    Low Glycemic Cooking Blog is about low glycemic cooking and low glycemic recipes....more

    Low Sodium Blog - Flavor and Food Adventures, Recipes, and More

    We're writing Low Sodium Blog to share our experiences, and to hopefully make the road less traveled feel a little more comfortable for those who follow. We've been living the "low sodium" lifestyle since 2006/2007, after my husband ended up in emergency for an undiagnosed heart condition, and my mom was the lucky recipient of her sister's (living donor) kidney. Since the dawn of the dark age, we've adapted not only our palates, but our recipes, choices, relationships with foods, markets, restaurants, and dinners with family and friends... We’ve also discovered that ...more

    Lox, Stock, and Barrel

    LucyLuPops Kitchen

    This a blog into my adventures into my passion of Baking.  I started baking just over 2 years ago, and updating the adventures on Facebook and Twitter, this blog came about having all this information in one place and sharing recipes, reviews and ither random thoughts. Althought the blog is primarily cake and sweet based, often things going on in my life pop up.  This is a fairly new blog, so watch this space....more

    LULObird small fashioned crafts

    Written by a mother and crafter who believes both should be enjoyed, not perfected.  The LULObird blog is inspired by both necessity and the continued desire to offer a creative environment and postitive outlet in a world that can be chaotic.  This blog offers inspirational tutorials that encourage the reader to "not be perfect," but to be creative with projects and mothering alike - to be engaged, and to enjoy the journey of the craft, or the outing with your kids, ...more

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