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    Let Them Eat Great!

    Location Philadelphia area United States See map: Google Maps Let Them Eat Great offers recipes, advice and inspiration for people wanting to lose weight or maintain a weight loss, from the perspective of a "big loser" who has kept off 40 lbs. for more than two years.  The posts on the site let health-conscious individuals know that healthy eating can be delicious. Recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are inspired by American comfort food favorites and various cuisines of the world: African, Latin, Middle Eastern, Italian, etc. There are ideas for omnivores and vegetarians alike....more

    Let' Abra-Ka Do This

    "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller  All things marriage, {new}motherhood, career, friends, and family related...and when I have a shred of free time I'm working on my photography and sewing/quilting.    Come by!  I'm sure we have Something in common :)  ...more

    Let's Cook

    Recently it seems that people are scrutinizing their eating habits a little bit more, reading labels and trying to put healthier meals on the table for themselves and their families. Let's Cook is a collaboration of recipes, reviews and nutritional based information that will get you started in the right direction providing healthy cooking/eating options. New recipes are posted weekly along with healthy tips and food reviews....more


     my blog about Food, Recipes to share and fun! About how to make Food Fun! ...more

    Let's Get in Shape Together

    This blog is about getting in shape. it explores not just physical fitness and nutrition, but also emotional and mental fitness....more

    Let's have a cocktail

    A humorours blog written by a mom, wife, attorney living in Atlanta, GA with observations on life, parenting, culture, travel, fitness, wine, cooking. ...more

    Lettuce Eat Kale

    Hi, I'm Sarah Henry, a freelance writer who covers food people, places, politics, culture, and news. ...more


    Libra Loves is a collection of thoughts and recipes born from my Libran tendencies toward balance, beauty and creativity. I am constantly experimenting with new foods, exploring the hows and whys of other cultures' food habits, and spinning classic dishes in new directions....more


    Just another foodie that longs to share her passion for food and life with others!...more

    Life a Study

    Location Toronto Canada See map: Google Maps It is time to keep track, for me, my ego and my twins. This is my Life as a Mama, Gluten Free  Recipe Developer, Food Writer and Wife...more

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