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    Life in Mono...

    Diary of an Iban Girl Aborad ...more

    life in my empty nest

    Married to my college sweetheart almost 30 years! 2 daughters Melissa (19) and Megan (22). Learning to embrace this new stage of life :) This is the payoff for the toddler years! I will be writing about my interests, thoughts on parenting nearly adult daughters and living a healthy life with Type 2 Diabetes....more

    Life in OM

    Welcome to Life in OM, my take on the universe.    ...more

    Life in Recipes

    The goal: to cull the extensive cookbook collection that is taking up valuable real-estate on my sagging bookshelves. Before I purge my life of some of these tomes, I'd like to test at least one recipe from each (some I've never even cracked the spine on). I'll chronicle those attempts here, along with some dishes of my own devising, and hopefully learn something new in the process....more

    Life in Reviews

    Recipes, books, wine, film, products, adventures, mishaps and incidents: nothing is safe from my insatiable desire to scope out and subsequently subject to a (sassy, snarky, and always honest) review....more

    Life in the Left Lane

    Tales of a city girl living life to the fullest at 90 miles an hour. ...more

    Life in Trixieland

    What happens when a liberal-minded, small-town girl (who didn't know she was liberal-minded when she lived in the small town) moves to the big city (okay, Memphis), finds her Prince Charming, marries him, has two little princesses, a full-time job, two dogs and juggles everything else in between... ...more

    Life is a Balancing Act

    A lifestyle blog all about living, loving and design your life. Where I generally babble about my quirky thoughts, perspective on mama-hood, my spastic designers eye, some tasty treats and my adorable son, Quinn....more

    Life is in the Details

    A blog about healthy living, good food, fitness, authentic living, family and friends, storytelling and digital scrapbooking. Come visit as I documenting the everyday... because life is in the details....more

    life is weird (and so am i)

    geeky observations, an occasional recipe, random ramblings and a little of everything else ...more

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