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    Mac & Fitz Speaks

    David Byrne once sang, "Well, how did I get here?!", and that sums it up for me...  Mac & Fitz Speaks shares vignettes of my messed up yet common life, from the ordinary moments such as entertaining children during a weeklong teacher's strike, forgetting that you were in charge of tonight's carpool and the week of barf patrol, to the not so normal dramas, like fleeing your home as it threatens to collapse, getting the call that your husband took a side trip to Kabul and conducting playdates inside a SWAT truck.  Think Green Acres...  I was supposed...more


    I post daily about cooking and food with photo walk-throughs of each dish!  Macheesmo has over 700 recipes on it and three years of archives. Follow me on Twitter or Like me on Facebook also! ...more

    Mad on a Gray Sea

    Mad on a Gray Sea is a blog written by a former high school English teacher who is currently staying home with her 3-year-old son. Posts and interests range from books, recipes, stories about the family, music, gardening, frugality, the environment, and craft projects....more

    Maddux Monologues

    Recipes, Crafts, Day to Day Life, Pictures, etc....more

    made by bird

    My real name is Allie, but my mom has called me "bird" for as long as I can remember.  I love my husband, family, friends, dog, music, sewing, crafting, cheese, living in the Pacific NW, Haribos, and ice cream.  In that order.  This is my blog....more

    Made Famous By

    I am a self proclaimed recipe hoarder who loves voluptuous food and these are some of the recipes that my friends and I are famous for. When ever I come across something that is absolutly to die for, I MUST have the recipe. With this blog I hope to celebrate the every day cook. I truly believe that ordinary people can make EXTRAORDINARY recipes!!...more

    made from scratch

    Experiences and experiments in making things from scratch--mostly baking, cooking, preserving, and crafting. Also some photography and travel....more


    Simple recipe, DIY projects, organization & cleaning ideas...a mommy on a budget!...more

    Madison Papers: Living Gluten-free in a Gluten-full World

    Living gluten-free, it can be a challenge and while I can't claim to have it all figured out, I've learned a lot over the years. Here I'm sharing it with you. Madison is a name borrowed from my cat, Dolley Madison. As my pet name choice might suggest, I'm working my way toward being a historian, but taking a break from graduate school as a professional staff member at the University of Maine. In my spare time I enjoy reading, knitting, running, baking and cooking....more

    Mae's Food Blog

    A blog about food and eating, ranging from memorable meals in many places to concern for the looming issues of global climate change and its effect on the food supply. ...more

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