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    P-ART-Y is a blog about my hobbies and passions: Food (cooking and eating it!) and Cake decorating/Pinata making. I just wanted to share with my friends and family the little tips and the recipes they like so much....more



    Pain Perdu

    An expatriate of New Orleans, who has lived in Los Angeles since her childhood, blogs about the journey from New Orleans to Los Angeles back to New Orleans, and points along the way. ...more


    paint sew glue chew is a blog about the things my family and I make, are inspired by or love....more


    My food is mostly influenced by the delicious Balkan region food. I also travel the World and eat through all the places I visit....more

    Palate to Pen

    Palate to Pen is written by Jennifer Adams, a food writer and wine student, this site serves as her little slice of cyber sky in which to scribe culinary musings. Topics include: original recipes, book reviews, wine tastings, tea tips, dining experiences, and market finds. ...more
  • palmerbennett

    Location @ home Raleigh, NC United States See map: Google Maps My writing is filled with witty situations and realizations that relay my truth as a single, working mother of biracial heritage....more

    I've just discovered this world and am already in love! Speaking of love...I hope you'll take ...more

    Palmetto State Saver

    Come join me in saving a ton of money!  I'll show you how to use coupons and sales to get the best deals.  I'm a busy work at home mom to two wonderful kids and an incredibly patient husband who understands that FREE is my favorite word.  To say that I am a deal-hound would be an extreme understatement!  ...more

    Pammi's Kitchen

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps I started this blog as a sort of diary of my favourite recipes, I am an amateur baker – sometimes it goes really right and sometimes it goes disastrously wrong but I always have fun along the way....more

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