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    Pickley Pear

    A food and fitness crazed blog...and everything in between....more

    Picky Cook is for vegetarians with a picky palette. i don't make vegetarian food- i make real food vegetarian. ...more


    So yeah, I’m kind of picky. Mostly about food, but other things too, like boy movies and parking spots. I usually just try to explain to people that I’m a little quirky (isn’t that more cute to say than picky?), and that I’m pretty sure I have an undiagnosed sensory problem. But, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. It’s time to try new things, and who knows, maybe I’ll hate them all and I’ll realize I was right to be picky all this time … but maybe, in the process, I’ll find some new things that will open up my world a little....more

    Piece of Cake Parties

    I love having the creative freedom to throw a party without any rules. I hope to inspire you to choose original themes, use creative thinking, spend as little as possible and make it look homemade - even if it isn't! ...more

    Pies and Plots

    Recipes for homemade sweet treats that are chocolate-free are accompanied by mouth watering photos and stories about every aspect of life.  ...more

    Pig Pig's Corner

    All about my tried and tested recipes and food of all sorts! ...more

    Pig Pig's Corner

    A food blog with delicious easy home-cooking recipes, restaurant reviews and travel guides....more

    Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner

    Location Texas United States See map: Google Maps Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner is my way of showing the whole world the goodness and uniqueness of Filipino Cuisine, and at the same time, helping Filipino food lovers learn how to cook and prepare Filipino food. This site features tested easy-to follow recipes with step by step instructions to make cooking as easy as possible. ...more


    Sophisticated home cooking that supports shopping responsibly and eating along practical, healthy guidelines ...more

    Pinch My Salt

    Pinch My Salt features a wide variety of recipes that have been tested and really work! Each recipe is accompanied by beautiful photographs of the actual dish that was made. In addition to recipes, postings include discussions of cooking tips and methods, general baking, and breadmaking methods. ...more

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